Building Back Better for the illegals

Pushing Across the Border

Ol' Joe's invitation to the other 7.4 billion humans on the planet in 2019 has been examined from all sides.  "I would, in fact," he said, "make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border..."  Incoherent, even back then.  Millions, so far, have taken it as marching orders and an army of invaders continues to muster around the globe.

Because the potential for being called out for incredible hypocrisy prevented him from directly tackling the issue once in the White House, Biden passed the whole border issue off to his Girl Friday.  Yes, Girl Friday.  Certainly, we can't call Kamala his Number One.  She's not prepared, capable, ready, smart, or savvy enough to jump into his slot when needed.  After nearly a year, Kamala has shown no signs of doing the homework needed to be so.  We've seen these glaring incapacities since she achieved prominence in California.  Besides, calling her Number One would be a supreme insult to Commander Riker.

So, Harris is out there digging around in order to address root causes in counties of origin.  The main root cause is that communication is global now, and everyone heard Biden's invitation to walk America's streets of gold with impunity — to come and get his slice of the American pie.

What Trump understood is what most Americans with eyes and a home understand.  A simple example is clarifying.  Nancy Pelosi has a house that is surrounded by a wall.  In that house are doors, and in that wall are gates.  Those for whom she opens the gates in her walls and the doors of her house can enter.  It is her right to control who enters her property, for how long and for what purpose, and whether any visitor's behaviors while there are grounds for being shown the door.  And it doesn't necessarily mean the visitor can stay forever and eat up all her ice cream.  NOTE: The vast bulk of illegal aliens in the United States overstayed their legitimate visas.

The Biden administration's complete hypocrisy vis-à-vis illegal aliens, the cherry on top of Nancy's ice cream sundae, is found in H.R. 5376, the ludicrously misnamed Build Back Better bill.  Though Harris has stood up and put her hand out like some deformed Statue of Liberty and said, "Don't come," the invitation to illegal aliens, Big Tech, and Chinese economic vultures is right there in black and white.

Section 20021 provides tuition-free community college to anyone regardless of immigration status.

Section 20032 provides Pell Grants to some illegal aliens.

Section 20042 makes competitive R&D Grants available regardless of immigration status.

Section 23001 provides funds for childcare and universal pre-kindergarten regardless of the child's or parents' immigration status.

Section 60001 grants lawful permanent residence to the "DREAMers."

These sections certainly constitute a "come hither" look from the leftists.  "Don't come" my (rear end).  This will only increase the motivation for illegals to continue to flood into this country.

Image: Illegal aliens preparing to flood America (edited in befunky).  YouTube screen grab.

Buying Their Way In

What is even more egregious is that this bill, just like so many bills Democrats drafted, favors the rich above all others.  Section 60003 allows aliens in the United States who are the beneficiaries of approved immigration petitions to pay an extra fee to jump the numerical limitations line:

  • a $2,500 fee for the spouse and children of a permanent resident (waiting time is currently seven years);
  • a $5,000 fee for employment visas that are currently backed up nine years for Indian nationals and between three and nine years for Mainland Chinese nationals; and
  • a $50,000 fee for certain investor visas that are currently unavailable.  Mainland Chinese nationals make up 90% of this waiting list.  These are visas that do not require investment in rural or poor areas.

In addition, Section 60004 boosts the standard immigrant petition fees on all but immediate family members, most by $100.  Petitions for workers have an additional fee of $800.  Investors must pay $15,000 on top of the routine petition fee.

Companies have been clamoring for foreigners, mostly from India, to work in their I.T. sweatshops.  These provisions in the Build Back Better bill open the door wide for them.  And their gratitude will certainly be displayed on future FEC filings.  The Center for Immigration Studies and the Heritage Foundation have published many articles regarding the damage these policies will do to American workers and industry.

Rich Chinese have been sending their wives here for years to birth their children in the United States.  Now they will be able to buy visas to set up shop in rich Democratic cities and have them issued immediately.  Perhaps this is Ol' Joe paying off some of that $1.5 billion?  Maybe?

This isn't going to build anything back better.  It's high time to Kill this Bill.

Anony Mee is a retired public servant.

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