As a Christmas present to America, Biden denounces himself

Joe Biden and Mrs. Joe Biden were taking calls from children and their parents to NORAD (which “tracks” Santa Claus). One father, speaking in cheerful and respectful tones, ended the call by saying “Merry Christmas and let’s go, Brandon.” And to the delight of Biden’s tens of millions of detractors, Biden echoed those words and added, “I agree.” His supporters could argue that he was taking the air out of the phrase, but alternative explanations are that he couldn’t hide from the truth or that he was revealing yet another sign of dementia.

As I know every one of you recalls, the obscene phrase “F*** Joe Biden” started out as a cheer at college football games in red states across America. When it showed up at a NASCAR race, while NBC’s Kelli Stavast was interviewing Brandon Brown, she tried to cover for the president: “You can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go, Brandon.’”

In the face of this obvious lie, the same people earlier denouncing Biden in obscene terms gratefully latched onto a clean version of the same sentiment. Suddenly, “Let’s go Brandon” was heard across America. (I always get thumbs up when I wear my “Let’s go Brandon” t-shirt on shopping runs.) Even Brandon Brown himself has tactfully embraced the term, not as a direct attack on Biden, but in solidarity with American concerns about inflation.

The phrase showed up last week when a heckler interrupted Nancy Pelosi on her home turf in San Francisco, shouting in penetrating tones, “Let’s go, Brandon!”

But when it comes to this loaded phrase, nothing has been as beautiful as hearing Joe Biden echo it and agree with it when a caller who had clearly been part of a conversation between Biden and the man’s child regarding Santa’s journey, ended the call by politely cheering for Brandon:

There are several possible reasons behind Biden’s denunciation of himself. (In effect, he clearly stated, “F*** myself; I agree.”)

Biden could have been entirely unfamiliar with the phrase but it’s hard to believe that he lives in such a bubble.

Biden could have forgotten that he was familiar with the phrase, which is a possibility given his apparently declining mental acuity.

Biden could have been taking unawares and unthinkingly repeated a statement he knows is common and true.

If, as some posit, Biden is crazy like a fox, rather than demented, he could have been sucking the air out of the phrase by owning it, rather than letting it belong to his political opposition.

Lastly, we could have been witnessing a very specific sign of Biden’s declining mental faculties, something called “echolalia.” This occurs when someone echoes what he’s just heard, in an automatic and effortless fashion. It’s common in young people with some forms of autism or Tourette syndrome. Among older folks, it can be associated with...dementia.

Regardless of why Biden did what he did, it was just a wonderful thing to hear those words coming from his lips. It was, in essence, Joe Biden’s Christmas gift to the millions of Americans who look at his presidency and weep for their country. There’s really nothing as good as hearing a bad man (and Biden is a bad man; there are no good intentions there, only a lust for power) freely and without coercion denounce himself.

Let’s go, Brandon!!!

Image: Biden’s Let’s Go Brandon moment. Twitter screen grab.

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