Anti-Soros DA in San Diego throws the book at Antifa

In California's second-biggest city, San Diego, they've got a district attorney who thinks it's her job to prosecute criminals.

According to the Washington Examiner:

At least 10 self-identifying members of antifa in San Diego were charged with "violent criminal acts" relating to an incident earlier in 2021.

The defendants "allegedly attempted to obstruct a rally for former President Donald Trump in San Diego on Jan. 9," the charges state.

She's leveling jail time charges against ten Antifa thugs after an unprovoked assault on Trump-supporters who, videos show, were just standing there and not even fighting back against these attacks last January.  The thugs, who must have thought they were in Portland, were filmed openly engaging in brutal attacks on clearly peaceful people, waving their red and black flags, which included a hideous beat-down of a cowering, defenseless woman in the street, all as the police stood by and did nothing.  A motorcycle cop took belated action to disperse the thugs later on, but in the videos, at least, he didn't arrest anyone.  Antifa didn't even try to disguise its identity in this attack; the attackers waved their banners openly and then used the poles of them to attack innocents, often hitting them from behind as they were walking away.  The preening thugs wanted everyone to know who they were and that they always got away with their brazen violence, which they certainly have done in most blue cities. 

Much to their surprise, they now find themselves charged with jail time offenses in San Diego.  Oops, picked the wrong city.

San Diego's district attorney, Summer Stephan, described what happened with pinpoint accuracy.

"Video evidence analysis shows that overwhelmingly the violence in this incident was perpetrated by the antifa affiliates and was not a mutual fray with both sides crossing out of lawful First Amendment expression into riot and violence," said District Attorney Summer Stephan.

Wow.  Facts.  Seems the funhouse-mirror justice of blue cities didn't find its way to light-blue San Diego.  That's a refreshingly accurate description of what happened in the videos. 

Stephan's telling Antifa that the jig is up, and the "narratives" don't work anymore, and nobody's buying their social justice tripe anymore.  She's also declaring that anyone attacking anyone else is going to be charged as the law dictates and will be treated like a criminal.  She's also sending a message to smash-and-grab looters out there now that this ain't no Los Angeles or San Francisco.  Commit a violent attack in San Diego, and you're off to jail, too.  Count on smash-and-grab robberies to be rather minimal in San Diego after these Antifa beasts are marched off to do jail time and word gets out.

Perhaps the Rittenhouse verdict verifying the right to self-defense in the midst of Antifa brutality put something into the air.  But more likely, it was that Stephan won office in 2018 as an anti-Soros candidate, and she's following through.

That was an election win in a tough race.  Back when Stephan was running for office, in 2018, she was doing so-so against a well financed opponent.  But her fortunes changed suddenly when she ran anti-Soros television ads that repeatedly pointed out that her big-dollar opponent was a crummy little Soros pawn.  Despite being outspent three to one by the Sorosians, Stephan's poll numbers turned decisively in her favor.  She then won office by a huge margin.

I wrote about that here in a June 10, 2018 AT item titled "Soros becomes the kiss of death for his own handpicked D.A. candidates."

A scientific poll conducted by 10News and the San Diego Union-Tribune shows that Stephan has a 45-25 lead over [Genevieve] Jones-Wright.

The collapse, according to analysts cited, happened in the past two weeks.  A scary Soros ad ran right about that time pointing out that Jones-Wright was a political unknown with no experience and was financed by Soros through his front groups to advance the Soros agenda.  She actually did take $400,000 from these groups, and the ad just stated the facts.  The ad can be viewed here.

Soros, remember, had this master plan to take over district attorney offices in key cities across America and seed them with his hand-picked anti-law enforcement candidates.  The plan was to get people in office who would let crooks out of jail to effectively reduce the quality of life for the middle-class law-abiding people he has such a problem with.  The stateless statesman is a big fan of the lawless state.  It's part of his entire "open society" agenda, meaning zero consequences for lawbreakers in the name of "social justice," all to break down the state to Venezuelan-level disintegration, where law means literally nothing and politics is paramount.  What Soros wanted was America's cities to be full of the same lawless wretched leftist clowns who populate Baltimore's prosecutorial offices, which just happened to be his first test city for cash.  The results speak for themselves.

Apparently, the ads worked, even in increasingly blue-tinged San Diego. Voters don't want to be another Soros test project like what Baltimore became.  

I didn't know the half of it, though.  Back in 2018, Stephan was saying what everyone is thinking now.  (Just read this).  Here is Stefan's extended interview with the local Valley Center Road Runner, which is just good journalism, describing all the many things Stephan did as D.A., with explanations as to what she was thinking and why she was doing what she was doing, with the interviewer simply letting the subject talk:

Soros's funding of [Geneviéve] Jones-Wright  is one of 17 District Attorney races he is pouring funds to using his California Justice & Public Safety PAC. "He is selecting criminal defense attorneys or ACLU affiliated lawyers with the goal of decriminalizing prostitution, drugs and prosecuting law enforcement whether they did anything wrong or not. The target for Soros is the police," says Stephan.

Stephan says that Soros-funded DA's elsewhere have led to failure. "This has been a failed social experiment in Houston. The violent crime since his candidate was elected has gone up nine percent. In Florida his candidate refused to prosecute to the full extent of the law a police officer murderer who also murdered a pregnant woman. To the point that the governor has stripped her of her authority to prosecute special circumstance murders."

Her opponent, she says, promises the same. "She has pledged to not even consider pursuing the death penalty in any serial murder case or any murder case, whether the case qualifies or not. She has also pledged in writing to not petition the court for any 17 year old—even if they have committed mass murder—to be treated as an adult. Which means they would be released at age 25 no matter what.  The money infusion is intended to buy this election and to have our community replace experience and qualifications with a dangerous experiment. That is the challenge for my campaign."

Soros has successfully funded 13 out of 17 races, says Stephan. According to "Since 2015, Soros-funded PACs have spent more than $10 million to support progressive district attorney candidates around the country. This year, the California Justice PAC has contributed to at least three other DA candidates in the state: Diana Becton in Contra Costa County, Pamela Price in Alameda County and Noah Phillips in Sacramento County."

This is a concern, says Stephan. "This is not a normal election of the people by the people but an election of a billionaire trying to buy the election."

Wow.  Just wow.  She was calling it like it was there, too.  She knew the score.

I identified her as a leftist in the earlier piece, but actually, she's more of a San Diego–style moderate.  She's like former mayor Kevin Faulconer, another moderate who actually did a good job and didn't insult Republicans.  She says she's a former Republican who dropped the registration on the understandable grounds that it's just too hard to operate in a blue city on that label.  Not fabulous, but understandable, given that she wanted to get things done.  She's studiedly non-partisan and got my vote.

What matters is that she knows the law, and she cares about it enough to enforce it, and now she's spearheading this surprise prosecution for Antifa's thugs, making herself the pioneering emblem of what voters are looking for.  She obviously recognizes that the Antifa act is old, and people have had it with their brazen acts, which have since led to mass lootings.

She's going to be popular with voters for this because she's going against the leftist herd seen in other blue cities, which have since become dumps.  She's doing it first, so she's going to reap big for it at the polls.  It would be nice to have six of her and dispatch them to Sacramento and Washington.  Like a good D.A., surely she can see that such places need a good hosing out.

Image: Screen shot from UCTV video via YouTube.

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