A TikTok video has the living embodiment of a God-shaped hole

I sometimes believe that Libs of Tik Tok, a Twitter account that mines TikTok for videos that leftists share on that platform, is the single most important media account in America.  In addition to revealing that many of the teachers who have endless hours of access to and control over our children are leftists, perverts, and morons, it also allows us to see that, behind the two most prominent leftist acronyms — BLM and LGBTQ — are many deeply disturbed and often very angry individuals.  They're the ones driving the train and seeking to make deeper inroads into American society.

It took me a few days to catch up with it, but this short Libs of Tik Tok video shows a very peculiar-looking man explaining himself for the benefit of those who have questions about him:

Having watched the video again, I was about to write that, even by leftist standards, this man is an outlier, but that outlier status becomes less clear with every passing day.  After all, the man in the video below got a job in a school district somewhere teaching your children:

So did this woman:

So how outrageous is "Farrah" in terms of the general direction of our culture?

What struck me with special force was "Farrah's" definition of what it means to be a "Satanist."  He doesn't believe in the devil.  Instead, he worships himself.

Think about that for a moment.  One of the most interesting statements I've heard about human beings is that we have a "God-shaped hole in us."  We need a philosophy, an ideology, a belief system, and a spiritual place for ourselves.  Some people fill it with the Judeo-Christian God; some with the Muslim Allah; some with Buddha; others with the Hindu panoply; too many with Satan-worship; and countless millions with the Democrat party platform.

But "Farrah" has filled his God-shaped hole with himself.  In other words, he's filled a spiritual hole with a hole.  That's the spiritual equivalent of multiplying a number by zero.  To the uninformed, it looks as if something is happening but you really end up with a whole bunch of nothing.

To the extent that our world is becoming increasingly secular, with belief defined by the reach of people's eyeballs to their navels, the moral and ethical parameters that once held American society together are becoming meaningless.  We're multiplying our societal brakes and aspirations by zero.  (And yes, I know there are highly ethical people who are atheists.  But on the whole, societies have benefited from the merging of the Judeo-Christian Bibles with Greek philosophy and enlightenment thought, not from atheism or, worse, self-love.)

Image: Twitter screen grab.

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