Democrats don't care about inflation, the poor, the middle class, women, or science. They care about raw power

As their poll numbers drop and inflation becomes more of an issue, Democrats are pretending they care and suddenly have a solution.  They want more immigrants to fill jobs at lower wages in the "informal economy."

Of course, Democrats have always wanted more immigrants, whatever the inflation rate is, so this is just a new, worthless talking point.

If more immigrants solved the inflation problem, wouldn't Biden's open borders and the sanctuary cities and states not enforcing the laws have solved the problem?

Democrats: Immigration Reform Will Lift Economy, Lower Inflation

"You also have a lot more people being taken advantage of in the informal economy who are gonna have real paychecks."

Democrats routinely want a high national minimum wage, require additional costly employer-paid benefits, add taxes, and add regulations that hurt businesses and raise prices...but the solution is more low-paid immigrants?

Democrats are trying to greatly reduce independent contracting, gig jobs, and right-to-work laws as they cater to their political contributors.  All of these things increase costs and inflation. 

The PRO Act's Attack on Independent Contracting

But other parts of the PRO Act mean that the impact on independent contractors and freelancers will not be limited just to those who "choose to join a union." For example, the PRO Act eliminates right-to-work laws, so that any independent contractor or freelancer pulled into a union would be forced to pay union fees.

If Democrats cared about inflation and getting more public projects completed, they would get rid of racist prevailing wage laws, which have oppressed minorities and taxpayers for ninety years.  They clearly care more about catering to unions than the rest of us or inflation.

Democrats claim they care about our relationships with foreign countries, but they are willing to step on the toes of Canada and Mexico.

If the Democrats really thought electric cars were the cure for the climate, why would they insist that the cars be made at union factories?

Canada, Mexico to challenge Biden's EV tax boost

Biden's scaled-down $1.75 trillion social spending and climate bill currently moving through Congress would allocate up to $12,500 in incentives for electric vehicles made in the United States, including a $4,500 credit for union-made cars and trucks.

Now, Canada and Mexico, two of the country's most significant automotive trading partners, say the policies are protectionist and potentially violate international trade agreements.

"This seems to kind of fly in the face of at least the spirit, and in a lot of people's opinion, the technicalities of the renegotiated [North American Free Trade Agreement] agreement," said David Perry, vice president and senior analyst of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute.

Every time Republican states seek to limit, not ban, abortions, most of the media and other Democrats claim they are anti-woman and don't care about women's autonomy. 

The Democrats don't want women to be able to work in right-to-work states, don't want them to be able to have jobs as independent contractors, don't give them the choice of what schools to send their kids to, don't think they should be able to choose whether to have health insurance or what kind of health care to buy, can't choose whether to have a vaccine or not, and disrespect their privacy so much that they allow people with penises in their locker rooms and bathrooms. 

The only thing Democrats seem to care about with women and their autonomy is catering to Planned Parenthood with unlimited abortion. 

When Democrats continually want to raise taxes on businesses and individuals it is inflationary, nonproductive, and reduces the availability of money in the private sector to allow the economy to grow. 

Democrats continue to lie when they say Trump's tax cuts cost the government trillions and benefited only the rich. 

The facts are that the tax cuts benefited everyone, especially those in the lower and middle classes.  The government is also getting a great increase in revenues under the Trump tax cuts.  Revenues increased from over $3.3 trillion in FY2017 to over $4 trillion in 2021.  Up over 30% in four years.  The tax rate cuts did pay for themselves. 

In 2018, the top 1% paid 40.1% of taxes even though they earned 20.9% in adjusted gross income.  Somehow paying almost double their share of income in taxes is not enough.  It is never enough for greedy Democrats. 

Results clearly don't matter to the media and other Democrats as they continually spread lies. 

It is Democrats who are seeking to give the rich a huge tax cut with a substantial increase:

Republicans' 2017 tax cuts benefited middle-income and working-class Americans the most, the exact opposite of what Democrats claimed: Analysis

Pelosi also claimed, "Eighty-six million middle-class families will see a tax increase while they advertise it as a middle-class bill." The assertion earned two Pinocchios from the Washington Post.

The Heartland Institute examined IRS data from 2017 to 2018, the first year the tax cuts went into effect.

"The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act reduced average effective income tax rates for filers in every one of the IRS's income brackets, with the largest benefits going to lower- and middle-income households," the report stated.

See also:

Democrats now say the big bad bill must be passed because of omicron.  Of course, they were also saying the bill should pass when they said the virus had been licked this summer.  The truth is, Democrats have wanted most of this government intrusion into our lives for decades, and passing this bill has nothing to do with the virus.

The health experts say the new omicron variant is more transmissible because it has similar characteristics to the common cold.  So why don't they tell the public it is essentially the common cold?  The reason they don't is to scare the public into submitting to all the dictatorial mandates.

If COVID-19 were referred to as a seasonal flu, and if deaths had been counted the same as the seasonal flu, instead of intentionally inflated, the government would not have been able to take away so many freedoms.

When Biden, Fauci, and others say their mandates and rules are based on science, they should be asked the following: why has Florida done better without the mandates?  Where was the science that said the virus passes easily off surfaces, that we must remain six feet apart, and Plexiglas would solve the problem?  Why don't people who come across the border have to get a negative test 24 hours in advance?  And why did the CDC change the way deaths are counted on COVID versus previous viruses?

Study: Omicron could be more transmissible due to sharing genetic material with common cold

The omicron variant may have evolved from the virus associated with the common cold, researchers out of Cambridge, Mass., said in a preliminary study released Friday, which suggests the variant could be much more transmissible than previously thought.

If the Democrats really cared about inflation, they would drill more, but they never will, because they care more about their special interest groups than the poor or the middle class.  Democrats claim that their destruction of the fossil fuel industry is based on science, but there is not one piece of scientific data from the last 160 years that directly links fossil fuel usage with temperatures.

Any person, including economists, with common sense knows that when the government throws money at anything, including housing, schools, health care, preschools, or daycare, it inflates the costs.  Yet they are pretending their massive subsidies will lower inflation.

There is nothing progressive about continually reducing our freedoms and making more people dependent on the government.  The reason the word is used is to intentionally mislead and indoctrinate the public.

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