You can almost smell the flop sweat in the McAuliffe campaign

Former Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia has only himself to blame for the loss of his polling lead over Glenn Youngkin in his race to return to the governor’s mansion. In a state that has turned solidly blue and gave a 10-point margin to Biden, running against a political novice like Youngkin should have been a cakewalk. And the polls showed McAuliffe in the lead until he stupidly implied that parents should have no say in their children’s education in the final campaign debate.

Instead of clarifying and walking back his statement, he foolishly claimed that he was taken out of context. Even CNN could see that he had stepped in it:

Since then, as if in a panic, the campaign has done little but demonize Youngkin as a Trump-embracing near Nazi, which is a stretch for the mild-mannered executive who has kept Trump away from his own campaign events.

The attempt at a false flag neo-Nazi tiki torch-carriers embrace of Youngkin late last week was quickly exposed as a put-up job, with many if not all of the actors involved being Democrat activists. The scandal-ridden Lincoln Project alleged a Republican outfit that now works to elect Democrats, claimed responsibility, perhaps to shield McAuliffe and self-identified Democrats from responsibility.

Similarly, non-official entities have been putting out increasingly desperate ads that keep repeating the theme that voters should be scared of Youngkin because he’s a Nazi or something. 

When McAuliffe appeared on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd yesterday, you could see the fear in his eyes:

YouTube screengrab

 Todd never raised the tiki torch hoax, following the rest of the propaganda media in pretending it didn’t happen, a sure sign that they knew the dirty trick was a disaster. But toward the end to the 7+ minute interview, McAuliffe reverted to form, blaming parents who show up at school board meetings for the problems in education: “Our school boards were fine…these people started showing up creating such a ruckus”

 The entire MTP interview is embedded below, and the Youngkin campaign found no fewer than 15 lies in it:


From the Youngkin campaign:

1. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: "A bill I vetoed … that literally, parents could take books out of the curriculum."

THE TRUTH: According to The Washington Post Fact Checker, McAuliffe “mischaracterized the bills he vetoed. Neither bill would have allowed parents to ‘veto books’ or ‘take them off the shelves,’ according to the bills and the veto statements issued by McAuliffe at the time.”

2. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: "He is closing his campaign on banning books."

THE TRUTH: This is nonsense. Glenn Youngkin is campaigning on the principle that parents matter, and that parents have a right to have a say in their own child’s education. McAuliffe vetoed bills that would have notified parents when their child was assigned sexually explicit material. Why is McAuliffe so dead set against parents simply being notified of what their child is being assigned?

3.  MCAULIFFE’S LIE: The bill was an "extreme Republican bill that would allow parents take books off of shelves."

THE TRUTH: According to The Washington Post Fact Checker, “The bills passed by wide margins. Fourteen House Democrats and one Senate Democrat supported the 2016 bill and eight House Democrats and one Senate Democrat supported the 2017 bill. Many of the Democrats were members of the Black caucus.” Again, according to The Washington Post Fact Checker, “Neither bill would have allowed parents to ‘veto books’ or ‘take them off the shelves.”

4. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: "He wants to ban Toni Morrison’s book Beloved. … Now, of all the hundreds of books you could look at, why did you take the one Black female author, why did you do it?"

THE TRUTH: This is part of McAuliffe’s disgusting strategy to use racism as a political ploy. The two bipartisan bills that Terry McAuliffe vetoed do not mention any specific books, and neither has Youngkin. The legislation would not have stopped a single student from having the opportunity to read any book. The bills were supported by many members of the Black Caucus. McAuliffe is essentially calling those Black Democrats racists.

5. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: "If you look at what the bill would be … ultimately it would have led to books being removed from our classrooms."

THE TRUTH: The bipartisan legislation would not have allowed a parent to influence what the rest of the class read or did. According to The Washington Post Fact Checker, “The two bills, passed in 2016 and 2017, were not entirely the same but both would have required notification if a teacher planned to provide instructional material with sexually explicit content. … Under the bills, parents would have been given an opportunity to review the materials upon request. If a parent objected, a student would be given ‘nonexplicit instructional material and related academic activities.’ … At the time of the vetoes, some critics said the law could have led to book banning, but McAuliffe did not raise that objection in his veto messages.”

6. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: "I’m going to raise teacher pay."

THE TRUTH: McAuliffe has been saying this for 12 years. It’s the same promise he made during his first two runs for governor in 2009 and 2013. Isn’t it time for a governor who knows how to get the job done?

7. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: "I’m going to get everybody access to broadband."

THE TRUTH: McAuliffe has been saying this for 12 years. It’s the same promise he made during his first two runs for governor in 2009 and 2013. Isn’t it time for a governor who knows how to get the job done?

8. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: "Critical Race Theory … [has] never been taught in Virginia."

THE TRUTH: “According to a 2015 training program issued by the Virginia Department of Education, state public schools were encouraged to ‘embrace critical race theory’ and ‘engage in race-conscious teaching and learning’ as part of the program’s ‘Culturally-Responsive Teaching and Learning Principles,’”reported The Federalist.

9. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: If Youngkin is elected, on "day one all masks come off and no teachers get vaccinated."

THE TRUTH: Youngkin supports the COVID vaccine and encourages people to get vaccinated, but he would not require teachers be fired with a mandate. Youngkin believes parents and local school districts should make decisions regarding masks. On May 31, McAuliffe told WJLA, “I think it’s up to every school district to make their own decisions on what they want to do.” Youngkin agrees.

10. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: "We have 1,142 children who have been in a hospital here in Virginia" due to COVID.

THE TRUTH: The Washington Post Fact Checker gave McAuliffe 4 Pinocchios for “inflating coronavirus numbers,” saying, “He offers wildly inflated figures for child hospitalizations.”

11. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: "I’m running against an anti-vaxxer."

THE TRUTH: Glenn Youngkin is the only candidate in the race who released a PSA highlighting the fact that the COVID vaccine saves lives, he chose to get the COVID vaccine, and encouraging Virginians to join him in getting vaccinated. Terry McAuliffe appointed the biggest anti-vaxxers in the country to state boards when he was governor.

12. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: "He doesn’t have an education plan."

THE TRUTH: Youngkin unveiled an education plan in July and his Day One Game Plan includes a plan to restore excellence in education and raise teacher pay, rebuild crumbling schools, and invest in special education programs.

13. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: Youngkin will "take money out of public schools, put them into private schools."

THE TRUTH: Youngkin’s Day One Game Plan includes the largest education budget in Virginia history, and his proposal to create at least 20 new public innovation charter schools will provide more choice to families.

 14. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: "I put a record investment [into education] last time."

THE TRUTH: This claim was rated “mostly false” by PolitiFact.

15. MCAULIFFE’S LIE: "He’s created hatred and division."

THE TRUTH: The data show Youngkin is bringing people together. Youngkin is winning Independent voters by double digits and Democrats are voicing their support for Youngkin in droves. Meanwhile, McAuliffe is calling members of the Black Caucus racistand his campaign orchestrated a disgusting stunt in Charlottesvillethat disrespected the city and disrespected Virginia.

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