Fully vaxxed Jen Psaki catches COVID

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who's been at the forefront of the 'get vaxxed for COVID' stance of the Biden White House, and even helped make a video targeting America's unvaxxed youth last August, alongside a son-of-Pajama-Boy-type Tik-Tok "influencer," has claimed to be fully vaxxed ... and still has caught COVID.

According to the Guardian:

Jen Psaki, Joe Biden’s White House press secretary, said on Sunday she had tested positive for Covid-19.

Psaki, 42, did not travel with Biden to Rome for this week’s G20 summit. The president is also due to travel to Glasgow for the Cop26 climate talks. Biden has been accompanied in Europe by his principal deputy press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre.

News of a positive test for such a close aide to the president came a little over a year after an outbreak at the White House reached the then president, Donald Trump, who fell seriously ill and was forced to spend time in hospital.

In a statement, Psaki said she last saw the 78-year-old Biden on Tuesday, “when we sat outside more than 6ft apart and wore masks”.

Which is kind of ironic, because, well, remember this?

Seems the White House panacea for ending the pandemic, a one-size-fits-all vaccine mandate, isn't working quite as well as advertised. In fact, the more such high-profile people catch COVID after being fully vaccinated, the weaker the argument looks. 

Two problems stand out: One, the vaxx isn't all that good, and two, the White House can't seem to tell the truth.

Most of us have already known that the vaccine isn't all that effective. It's been reported that fully vaccinated Gen. Colin Powell (who had significant co-morbidities) died of COVID recently, despite all the vaccination he had for his protection.

It's also likely that at least some of the fleeing Democrats of the Texas state legislature, who turned their flight into a COVID super-spreader event, were vaccinated as well, which is what they all claimed. It didn't stop the super-spreading, which apparently hit staff members of U.S. Congress as they made the rounds in Washington and some went on vacation to Portugal.

Now there's fully vaxxed Psaki who has come down herself with COVID. 

It's actually enough of them coming down with it that it raises questions about why the unvaxxed are being blamed for all the COVID that's obviously still going around. Apparently, it's pretty much all kinds of people getting it. My little niece who's now employed as a physician at Stanford University's medical school hospital, says she's certainly seeing COVID breakthrough cases across the board, from all of three recommended vaccines, and not just the Johnson & Johnson.

Yet the Biden administration, instead of facing facts, is still doubling down on the importance of getting the vax -- despite the examples all around showing that it doesn't exactly protect. Psaki in her statement said that her symptoms were mild, which could be true, and leftist pundits will thank the vaccine for that as their argument. But what could also be true is that she's aged 42 and in apparently good health with no obesity factor, which could be the main reason her symptoms were mild.

Bottom line, the vaccine is low or possibly no protection, so why is the Biden administration trying to shove it on everyone -- to the point of demanding that people lose jobs if they resist? The Biden administration has ordered most branches of the federal government to get vaxxed or else and has even extended that order to federal contractors, such as Los Alamos nuclear scientists who literally work out of their homes and aren't in contact with other employees. Is it worth it to fire such people over a vax that doesn't really work so they can take their skills to the Chinese? Only to the Biden administration. I wrote about that idiocy here.

Two, the Bidenites are always having trouble telling the truth.

It's not just that they won't admit the superiority of natural immunity (which as studies show, works better than vaccines) or the good work that early treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin regimens can bring in curing patients and killing off COVID that way. It's that they seem to be lying about the circumstances of even the White House COVID cases.

Psaki claims that she last met Joe Biden on Tuesday ahead of his trip to Europe, and tested negative on that day. She also met with White House staffers on Wednesday and again tested negative.

Could she have been asymptomatic but contagious? It's known that the very early stages of COVID can be contagious before symptoms develop. Could her test have been faulty or never have happened? Don't put it past them. And what about her mask claim? Masks in the Biden administration are for servants, we rarely see bigshots such as Psaki wearing masks except for camera shots. One wonders. Recall that Biden was seen a few days earlier coughing into his hand and then shaking hands with other people with it, so who knows what the story is. 

Maybe Biden gave it to Psaki and now is off to super-spread the global warming event in Scotland, the maskless G-20 event in Italy, and maybe the maskless meeting with the pope. Time will tell in a few days if such things come to pass.

What we know now is that the Biden administration's argument for getting the vax and coercive steps if one doesn't is getting pretty tattered. Maybe they can get serious about looking at the range of accommodations and solutions instead of constantly touting the vax as the answer to ending COVID.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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