Why I oppose 'chocolate chip communism'

The Black ideologues whom I call "chocolate chip communists" use melanin to mask Marxism.  They're a fifth column in an ideological takeover of the Black narrative and institutions, a process that is effectively causing my community to be the electoral equivalent of an old Soviet client state.

I oppose this process, not in favor of mainstream conservatism per se, but on behalf of Black autonomy — that is, the notion of community control that Black nationalists and others have promoted for generations.  Alleged anti-racists get enraged by Black autonomy; they sic "afro apparatchiks" on Black dissidents; and they disrupt, discredit, and defund any community movements that aren't led by chocolate chip communists.

Have you ever watched the racist vitriol that liberal talking heads and other chocolate chip communist advocates spit when Kanye West, Ice Cube, or Kyrie Irving operate outside roles prescribed by a pigmentary politburo?

I need not belabor the special venom reserved for Black conservatives.  The most recent example is evidenced by the mistreatment of Virginia lieutenant governor–elect Winsome Sears, with chocolate chip communists leading the charge.

While African, Caribbean, and American Black cultures are communal in nature, with Western adjustments, I don't consider liberal colonization an extension of this heritage.  I'm at a loss to explain how giving power over our community is culturally consistent, not to mention (we're assured) liberating.

As a (non-racist) Black nationalist, I oppose chocolate chip communists and their overlords the same as I would the intrusion of any other ideology.

Ultimately, chocolate chip communists' color isn't really Black — it's red, to match loyalty to ideology instead of community.  This is why I oppose chocolate chip communism.

Nadra Enzi AKA Cap Black.  Autonomy Commentator on Liberation and Liberty.  #ActualSuperHeroForLiberty Advocate.  #HaltHunger Organizer.

Image: Joy Reid and Michael Eric Dyson. Twitter screen grab.

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