Vaccinate children? Not mine

What will happen to our children when we mass vaccinate them?  Since the vaccine side-effect of myocarditis is more prevalent in children, will the low dose be enough to mitigate, or will they die at a higher rate?  What else can go wrong?  Here is one idea. 

Europe's version of our VAERS system for doctors to report drug-induced maladies is EudraVigilance.

On Nov. 13, EudraVigilance reported 30,551 mRNA-vaccine deaths, after reporting 24,526 on Sept. 11.  That is 6,025 deaths in little over a month since the booster shots began.  

Some immunologists estimated that the overwhelming number of spike-protein pathogens produced by the shot would create an aggressively mutated COVID virus (since named the D variant) that will evolve to survive the shot.  For instance, Dr. Geert Vanden Boosche said, "[T]he ongoing mass vaccination experiment drives a rapid evolutionary response of SARS-CoV-2[.] ... [and] will inevitably lead to vaccine resistance or circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants."

Apparently, this has proven to be true, hence the rapid increase in vaccine deaths.  Recently, Israelis reported that the fully vaccinated were 13 times more likely to contract the D variant than people with natural immunity.

It may be that the death rate of the D variant is not very different; however, the extreme acceleration of deaths in Europe seems to confirm that the D variant has thrived among the fully vaccinated.

The oft-quoted CDC statistic for the COVID survival rate for people under age fifty was 99.9 percent (before the vaccines were introduced).  This indicates that no vaccine was necessary for young people.

EudraVigilance records 72,203 cardiac disorders, most of which are cases of myocarditis.  We have been told that myocarditis afflicts the young at a higher rate.

The new medical apparat blames unvaccinated children for the surge in D variant cases.  I don't know about you, but this seems to be a heinous dissimulation, given the likelihood it is their vaccine that has driven the surging D variant mutation.

If what these doctors have said is true, we laymen might consider this: when fully vaccinated, do we really want our children to become incubators of the D variant?

Image: Pixnio.

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