'Transgender Awareness Week' — are you kidding?

Sorry, calendar-makers: Transgender Awareness Week does not work.

These people don't merit yet more eyes and ears of the public.  They already glory in many times their 15 minutes of publicity.

This tiny army of super-indulged is a constant irritant, already in our faces in the news 24/7.  Why on Earth should we be hosed with info on disturbed folks who need therapy and a drug regimen to correct their unfortunate dysphorias? 

This population of the confused are ruining sports, undermining the safety of real women, making a mockery of history, ruining the lives of normal people.  They are an infinitesimal segment of the population, yet they grab unholy swaths of attention for their unfiltered need to demand and howl about their disordered lives — not to mention the privileges they "deserve" in their own disordered minds. 

They are making gyms places of outrage.  They are converting public and school restrooms/bathrooms into war zones and places of potential rape and horror.  Just put on a skirt and roll with the weak-kneed officials afraid to declare war on false declarations.

Girls in sports they have practiced for their entire lives are now being denied scholarships, as converts to "girlhood" steal the limelight and the awards.  The trick is no trick: male body structure is tougher and more powerful than female body structure.  So women are crossed out of contests right off the bat, and failed male athletes now "win" when they compete against the slighter, less-muscled females once dominant in female sports contests.

Nullifying real girls.  Disappearing real women from devotions long striven for. 

They convert abused women's shelters to unsafe temporary stopovers, as men declare themselves "women" and invade such shelters to get at their abused wives and girlfriends.

Sometimes such invasions are followed by tragic consequences, as the "declared 'women'" attack their escaped spouses or girlfriends. 

These trans dictators are even ruining or trying to ruin our military, by forcing the sadly confused and amoral fraud in the White House to let such people into our armed forces — less to defend the country than to suck off medical treatments for free, as the public is supposed to subsidize their disorder with costly hormonal treatments and surgical alterations.

With our taxes.  For their fairy princess ludicrousness. 

It remains to be seen, as the time has been short since this absurd trend in de-gendering has become such a hot thing when many of these confused young or not-sos will change their minds and realize what puberty-blockers have done to their bodies and overall health profile.  Reversing these changes is not unknown.  We do not yet have dispositive data on the tides of trans-remorse folks who are no longer enamored of Tory Burch and Louboutins or joining a tailgate party with the real guys. 

But the tsunami, we think, is ahead.  There will be reversals. 

More attention for this cabal of crazies and calculating nutcases?  More work for the hardworking therapists, probably.  But not a duty for the sane public to pay tribute to individual malcontents. 

No thanks. 

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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