Fighting off COVID forces an understanding of the virus's lab origin

I've been sick with COVID for the past three weeks.  After the first week, I wasn't at all confident that I was going to survive.  The fact that I've had worse bouts with the flu did not have an impact on my attitude because COVID seems to bring its own reality with it.  The mental density (AKA COVID-related brain fog) that is part of the COVID experience is just as damaging as the disease itself.  It makes you believe that you can't survive and that it's not even worth the effort.  How they managed to design a disease in Wuhan, China, under Anthony Fauci's and the NIH's auspices, that carries inside itself the nihilism that the left has been pushing for decades, is beyond me.  But having lived to tell about it, they managed.

Having read a great deal about COVID since the spring of 2020, I maintained a somewhat cavalier attitude toward both the disease and the vaccine.  There is no cavalier left in me.  You can easily perish and, much worse, fear for your loved ones' lives.  Though the flu is more punishing, it's one week and done.  COVID is unrelenting, and, like some modern form of torture, it denies you the ability to sleep.

There's is no easy way to describe COVID.  It has its own ecology and is an assault against the natural world from which it did not arise.  Clearly the product of a laboratory (ostensibly for gain of function research), we may never really know the nefarious purposes for creating this virus.  But when you follow the money, it seems clear that creating a disease along with the cure will make a whole lot of people rich and have the added "benefit" of depopulating the world of a large segment of its elderly, whom the left has long seen as a drag on government coffers.

We can gauge, however, the aftermath of COVID, which leaves the entire free world looking more like China with each passing day.  Perhaps China's plan to defeat us without ever firing a shot is well underway.  The American left also seems implicated in the whole affair via Dr. Fauci and virtually all the Deep State apparatus that now tells us we're responsible for the pandemic if we don't toe the line for vaccines and conformity.

Image: China's flag by Andrea Widburg.

As Dean Koontz writes in Life Expectancy:

We have instinct but we are not ruled by it. We feel the pull of the mindless herd, the allure of the pack, but we resist the extreme effects of this influence — and when we do not, we drag our societies down into the bloody wreckage of failed utopias, led by Hitler, Lenin, or Mao Tse-Tung. And the wreckage reminds us that God gave us our individualism and that to surrender it is to follow a dark path.

It's becoming clear that we are already fighting the initial skirmishes in this war the elites are waging against individual liberty.  "Our brethren are in the field."  The disease and the vaccine are both monstrous evils that threaten to rip our country apart.

Forcing people to vaccinate or lose their jobs, careers, and pensions is as antithetical to the American way as you can possibly steer, yet we continue careening down that road.  The now obvious nature of the disease has had little impact on the governing class as they continue to give Beijing a pass and bear down even harder on their fellow Americans.

Is it rational to subject an entire population to an experimental vaccine?  Is it rational to bypass politically the guardrails we've set up to protect the population from such excesses?  Is it rational to ignore all the information coming into the various reporting agencies around the world that point to large numbers of deaths and serious illnesses surrounding the use of the vaccines?  Is it rational to deny people simple therapeutics that have spared large populations around the globe simply because the elites can't profit from them?

Is it rational in a free society to force people to close down their livelihoods, cover their faces, and remain in their homes?  Earlier in the same novel, Dean Koontz writes:

We need to laugh at the irrationality of evil, for in doing so we deny evil's power over us, diminish its influence in the world and tarnish the allure it has for some people.

Where laughter is not possible, the next best thing is refusing to capitulate.  Many of our closest friends and relations do not understand our stance and our continuing refusal to accept the vaccine as legitimate.  We believe, however, that we'll be vindicated eventually for what amounts to a deeply held moral stand against all the madness that threatens to engulf this great nation.  But for now, we just count the days and pray for a full recovery.

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