The weaponization of the 'white supremacy' label

A reader notes:

From the beginning of the Trump administration charges of racism, white supremacy and xenophobia became the go to political weapon of the Democrats and their media allies. And it worked to a great extent. When Trump came out against illegal immigration it was called racist over and over and people  believed it.  When Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer and even Cesar Chavez  had previously opposed illegal immigration the same people did not call it  racist. When Trump created travel bans for flights from China at the outset of the pandemic it was deemed  xenophobic. Now when Biden has imposed travel bans from certain African countries The same Democratic opinion makers did not call it it xenophobic. When Trump imposed travel bans on Arab countries harboring Islamic terrorist that too was called racist. When Trump said there were good people  on both sides at the Charlottesville protests the media called that racist and  eliminated the sentence immediately following that comment by which Trump made it clear that he was not talking about the Nazis and the Antifa but those who opposed and those who supported the removal of the statues which were  the actual subjects of the protests.

Biggotry and prejudice is the act of judging people, not by their individual conduct or misconduct, but by their ethnicity or the color of their skin. But now leftists routinely judge and condemn people because their white. Whiteness is considered an offense. Attacks on white people for being white are not only condoned by our Democratic leaders but encouraged We also  routinely pre-judge the police. Police  are in high risk jobs. Sometimes they use more force than they should. . We know that Derek Chauvin used excessive force when he killed George Floyd. But even though it was widely assumed that he did that because George Floyd was black there's no evidence that that's true or that Derek Chauvin was a racist. The police who killed Breonna Taylor acted recklessly in shooting up the apartment. But there's no evidence that they did that because Breonna Taylor was black.

The media's attacks on Trump had nothing to do with his attitude towards foreigners or Black people.  It's how they treat their political enemies. The only reason Trump was called a xenophobe is because he was viewed as the enemy of the leftist political establishment.  

Glenn Greenwald writes an important essay on how the left has weaponized accusations of white supremacy, increasingly a major rhetorical weapon.  Below are some excerpts, but the entire article is well worth reading. 

However, as another reader cautions, there is

a paragraph where he makes an analogy between what he claims to be loose accusations of antisemitism with the loose claims of white supremacism.   While the analogy holds in one sense, it is quite strained in that accusations of antisemitism are most often real and not weaponized in contrast with most accusations of white supremacy these days which is a major rallying cry of the left and its media. And bringing antisemitism into the mix was totally unnecessary to make his argument about the dangerous weaponization of the white supremacist label. 

Excerpt from Greenwald:

That such banal and commonly held views are woefully insufficient to justify the reputation-destroying accusation that someone is a white supremacist should be too self-evident to require any explanation. But in case such an explanation is required, consider that polls continually and reliably show that the pro-police sentiments of the type that caused Rittenhouse, Fang, and so many others to be vilified by liberal elites as "white supremacists" are held not only by a majority of Americans, but by a majority of black and brown Americans, the very people on whose behalf these elite accusers purport to speak.

For years, polling data has shown that the communities which want at least the same level of policing if not more are communities composed primarily of Black, Brown and poor people. It is not hard to understand why. If the police are defunded or radically reduced, rich people will simply hire private security (even more than they already employ for their homes, neighborhoods and persons), and any resulting crime increases will fall most heavily on poorer communities. Thus, polling data reliably shows that it is these communities that want either the same level of policing or more — the exact view which, if you express, will result in guardians of elite liberal discourse declaring you to be a "white supremacist." Indeed — according to one Gallup poll taken in the wake of the George Floyd killing, when anti-police sentiment was at its peak — the groups that most want a greater police presence in their communities are Black and Latino citizens.

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