Germany is set to escalate its suicidal energy policies

Angela Merkel held the top spot in Germany for 16 years.  Although most will associate her with the flood of Middle Eastern and North African Muslims destabilizing Europe, she should also be remembered for ushering in the climate change revolution that's turned Germany from a wealthy country into one in which its citizens are plagued by rolling brownouts and its poor people cannot afford heat in the winter.  Now the incoming coalition government will make sure things get worse on the climate change front.

Green energy hasn't been good to Germany.  In 2017, the Daily Caller reported on the damage green energy had done to Germany's energy infrastructure:

Germany's power grid almost collapsed in January due to poor performance from wind turbines and solar panels, according to data from a major trade union.

Wind and solar power plants under-performed in January, 2017, because of cloudy weather with little or no wind, setting the stage for massive blackouts.

A major blackout almost occurred Jan. 24 and was only prevented when German energy suppliers "also took the last reserve power plant," Michael Vassiliadis, head of the union which represents power plants IG Bergbauchemie Energie, told reporters. The country's power grid was strained to the absolute limit and could have gone offline entirely, triggering a national blackout, if just one power plant had gone offline, according to Vassiliadis.

"The renewables could not even offer five percent [of total power demand.] Coal, gas and nuclear power kept the country almost in the first place under the electric current," Vassiliadis said.

None of these problems has been resolved since that article was written.  Indeed, they've gotten worse:

High demand and the transition to green power has left much of Europe at risk of blackouts. In Germany, state authorities are teaching the public to heat their homes with candles and get used to "cooking without electricity."

State authorities in North-Rhine Westphalia will hold their first 'Disaster Protection Day' on Saturday, with instructors in the city of Bonn teaching citizens how to get by "in the event of a long power failure." An advert by the federal Civil Protection Office gives a hint of what's in store, and features an elderly woman wearing several layers of clothing, heating her apartment with candles burning under an upturned flower pot and sealing her windows with reflective foil.

(You can bet Germany's elites won't be trying to heat their rooms using flower pots and tea candles.)

Germany is slipping from first-world status to third-world status — and it's going to get worse.  The incoming coalition government consisting of Social Democrats, Greens, and Free Democrats has a grand vision for doubling down on green energy in truly revolutionary fashion:

As Chancellor Angela Merkel's era comes to an end, Germany's next coalition government has vowed to usher in a "climate revolution" ahead of its inauguration. "Germany's new coalition promises climate revolution," country's state-run DW News reported on Friday.

The incoming coalition, made up of Social Democrats, Greens and center-right Free Democrats, has agreed to set up a "super ministry" to push a climate agenda. "A new 'super' Climate and Economy Ministry, to be headed by Habeck, is to provide the bureaucratic muscle to implement the ambitious measures," the German broadcaster added.

By putting the economy under the purview of the 'super climate ministry,' Berlin is sending the signal that globalist climate agenda comes before jobs or the nation's economic wellbeing.

According to DW News, the green policy, originating in the same magic kingdom as unicorn farts, is dedicated to renewables:

The measures include phasing out coal power by 2030, eight years ahead of the current schedule, powering 80% of the electricity grid with renewables within a decade and putting 15 million electric vehicles on German roads by 2030. The deal also proposes phasing out gas for power by 2040 and setting a minimum carbon price of €60 per ton ($68).

Somehow, these delusional politicians missed out on the fact that renewables cannot replace the current energy demands that fossil fuels fill:

Before the Industrial Revolution, humankind's existence was a struggle to lessen backbreaking labor, have heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, have light in the darkness, and transport itself and goods with ease and speed.  And always, only a minutely small fraction of society wasn't working itself to an early death in a world defined by darkness, deadly cold, debilitating heat, and travel limited by the miles a man could walk in a day.

Thanks to the Industrial Revolution and man's new ability to harness fossil fuel, everyone in the First World, most people in the Second World, and many people in the Third World have lived longer lives with respites from endless labor, light on demand, warmth in the winter and A/C in the summer, and fast and speedy travel.

Now, though, the world's leftists, slaves to the nonsense that is anthropogenic climate change, are on the verge of throwing it all away.  Germany will suffer badly in the years to come.  Unless we can turn America off this disastrous path, Biden's presidency will ensure that we will, too.

Image: Life in modern Germany.  Twitter screen grab.

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