The Waukesha massacre picture begins to emerge

At this time yesterday, as I wrote about what happened in Waukesha, I knew only that a Black man with dreadlocks driving a red SUV had slammed into Waukesha, Wisconsin's Christmas parade, killing multiple people and injuring dozens more.  Twenty-four hours have revealed significant new information, all of which points to the fact that, when leftists control the criminal justice system, innocent people will die.

We've learned that Darrell Brooks, the man behind the wheel of that car, has an endless rap sheet in Milwaukee going back more than 20 years, including such things as drug possession, strangling and suffocating someone, battery, sex offenses, illegal firearm possession (as a convicted felon), resisting arrest, and beating up and then running over the mother of one of his children.

This last offense saw Brooks getting arrested just last week and charged with five counts — one of which was bail jumping.  W ith his record, one would think his bail would be high — or maybe, like those January 6 protesters rotting in jail without bail on charges of trespassing and "parading," Brooks would be denied bail entirely.  That, however, is not how Milwaukee's district attorney, John Chisholm, rolls.

The thing about Chisholm is that he's one of those prosecutors who won their elections thanks to substantial help from George Soros.  Aside from inflammatory tweets about January 6 in which he calls for fire and brimstone to rain down on the protesters — statements he was not obligated to make sitting in his little corner of Wisconsin — Chisholm has repeatedly made clear that he believes that his obligation as the prosecutor isn't to enforce the law but is, instead, to protect wrongdoers from law enforcement, all in the name of equity and social justice:

Unsurprisingly, Chisholm is a fan of San Francisco's Chesa Boudin, a hard-left, Soros-sponsored district attorney:

Boudin's hands-off approach to crime has been so awful that leftists are trying desperately to push him out of office:

In light of Waukesha's carnage, these two boastful tweets from Chisholm are especially grating:

With Chisholm's philosophy in place, it shouldn't be a surprise to learn that, after Brooks's most recent effort to run someone over with a car, he was released from jail two days before the Waukesha massacre on a mere $1,000 bond.

We've also learned that it was a lie that Brooks was merely escaping from the scene of another crime when he accidentally crashed the parade.  In fact, the massacre was deliberate.  It's now common knowledge that Brooks is a violent anti-White racist and a virulent, Hitler-loving anti-Semite.  In addition, Laura Loomer is reporting that he's a member of The Five Percent Nation, a sub-sect of the Nation of Islam.  Is anyone here surprised?

Meanwhile, we've got some reminders that this craziness about getting dangerous criminals back on the streets isn't limited to prosecutors.  It goes right up in the House of Representatives.  An Axios journalist got a reluctant, defensive Rashida Tlaib to admit that in her zeal to get mentally ill and drug-addicted people out of federal jails, she's supporting a bill that will release all federal prisoners.

And AOC, who never disappoints, chose now to demand that New York reform its "excessive" bail laws:

It's true that Rikers Island is an appalling hellhole, but turning the criminal justice system into a revolving door is provably not the answer, whether in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Milwaukee.

It's to be hoped that, after witnessing leftist criminal justice in action over the past year and a half, Americans, even Democrats in leftist cities, are wising up to the fact that leftism kills, either directly, through government brutality, or indirectly, by letting violent, hate-filled criminals roam free.

Image: Darrell Brooks mugshot.

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