The Democrat coalition is starting to implode

Politico published a delightful story the other day about the fact that an entity called the College Democrats of America, which is the official Democrat party body on American college and university campuses, is imploding so quickly that the Democrat National Committee is thinking about disassociating itself from that body.  The problem is that the left's vaunted "intersectionality" and "diversity" are unsustainable in a party that views the world as a small pie, with every victim group vying for top victim status and the biggest slice.

The article's title and subtitle spell out the problem:

Allegations of bigotry and calls for impeachment rock College Democrats: The situation is so bad that the DNC is considering disaffiliation with the national organization.

Honestly, when you read something like that, you just can't stop yourself from smiling.  And the beauty of the whole thing is that the facts adduced in the article live up to the promise given:

The College Democrats of America — the Democratic Party's national organization presiding over 500 chapters on campuses across the country — is in turmoil.

The group's leaders are publicly firing off accusations of anti-Blackness, Islamaphobia and anti-Semitism at each other. Impeachment proceedings are now in the works against the organization's new vice president, Nourhan Mesbah, who is Muslim. College Democrats say that screenshots of tweets that their peers sent in adolescence spread rapidly through group texts, which already caused a student running for president of the group to withdraw their candidacy in September. And national advocacy groups for Muslim and Jewish Americans are now weighing in with criticism.

The conflict has gotten so messy that the Democratic National Committee is considering disaffiliating with the national collegiate organization altogether and creating a partnership with the state groups underneath the national umbrella, according to a Democrat familiar with the discussions. The DNC declined to comment.

The rest of the article continues in the same vein, detailing the details of the battles within the organization.  I can assure you that you'll enjoy reading it.

None of this is a surprise, of course, to outside observers.  The first giveaway, because anti-Semitism is always the canary in the coal mine of a troubled organization or society, was the Democrat party's escalating anti-Semitism.  That really came to the fore beginning with the Women's Marches back in 2017, against Trump.  By 2019, Jewish women complained that they were being sidelined, abused, and expelled — something inevitable when Linda Sarsour, a doctrinaire Muslim "feminist," emerged as one of the leading voices in the movement.  The problem worsened when it became clear that the Squad, which has had Nancy Pelosi shaking in her Ferragamos, shared in that anti-Semitism — and that the mainline Democrats weren't going to push back.

Image: An example of the College Dems' racial obsessions.  YouTube screen grab.

True conservatives (a group to which many Republican politicians have only the weakest allegiance) are bound together by their values, all grounded in the Constitution: patriotism, individual liberty, a free market made up of moral people, sovereign borders, and a government that protects Americans from evildoers foreign and domestic.

Democrats, however, are bound together only by fears, hatred, and a fight for the title of the biggest victim, entitling that group to the biggest bounty from a big government.  They fear and hate patriotism, White people, climate change, viruses, unvaccinated people, microaggressions (all that's left to them because they're lying when they claim that American society is still riddled with true racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, etc.).

And they fear each other most of all.  The reason is the victimhood pecking order.  With all of them vying for the title of most victimized, all the other groups in that misnamed "Big Tent," rather than being seen as those claimed "intersectional" allies, become dangerous competitors in a fight to the death.

It's always been obvious that the Democrat coalition would collapse in a welter of hatred.  It's the modern-day version of the hatreds listed in the Kingston Trio's Merry Minuet, a ditty going back to the early 1960s and expressing the leftist fear of the day (the atomic bomb):

Leftists have reached the point at which they "don't like anybody very much," especially each other.  That's wonderful.  The only thing that we must hope and pray for is that, when they fully and finally implode, they don't take America with them.

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