A brief summary of the Kyle Rittenhouse case, from riots to the courthouse

I owe the jurors in the Kyle Rittenhouse case a big apology.  I was certain that, faced with the leftist mob's intimidation, they would find Kyle guilty.  Instead, based upon overwhelming evidence that Kyle acted in self-defense, they acquitted him on all charges.  The video of Kyle's reaction to hearing the verdict is extremely moving:

This is a young man who had good reason to believe that he would spend a large part of his life in prison, either dodging those who wished to kill him or living in solitary confinement to avoid his would-be killers.

The verdict was certainly the correct one.  Shorn of propaganda, the undisputed background facts and those developed during the trial were clear.  On August 23, 2020, a woman called the police saying that Jacob Blake, a Black man who had pending charges against him for raping her and an order to refrain from contact with her, was at her house.

When police arrived, Blake was in the process of entering the woman's SUV, in which a child was seated.  The police tried to capture him, but Blake outran them.  The chase ended when Blake headed for the driver's seat and grabbed a knife (something shown in a video and that he admits).  A police officer deemed him an imminent threat and shot him several times.  Blake survived.  The officer who shot him was not charged.

Coming at the tail end of a summer of BLM/Antifa riots revolving around George Floyd's death, it was inevitable that a mob would descend.  The resulting riots all but destroyed Kenosha's commercial center.  As with other riots that summer, the police mostly stood down.

On the third day, Kyle went to Kenosha to fill in the gap the civil authorities had left.  He arrived with a first aid kit and a legal long gun.  He helped clean walls during the day.  At night, he patrolled, offering first aid.  He avoided conflict.

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He put out a fire set by Joseph Rosenbaum, a White man who had spent fifteen years in prison for sexually assaulting five children.  (Rosenbaum also tried to set the police on fire and went around hollering the "N-word.")  Rosenbaum, enraged, announced he would kill Kyle.  When his friend Joshua Ziminski fired a gunshot, Kyle, frightened, ran.  Rosenbaum chased him, cornered him, and grabbed for Kyle's gun, at which point Kyle fired, killing him.

The mob then went after Kyle.  He desperately ran away, only to trip, at which point Maurice Freeland, a career criminal, "jump-kicked" Kyle in the head, a deadly attack.  Next, Anthony Huber, a White man who'd gone to jail for pulling a knife on his brother and grandmother, and choking his brother, swung a full-sized skateboard at Kyle's head, another deadly attack.  Kyle shot him, killing him.

Finally, Gaige Grosskreutz, a White man with a criminal record, pointed an illegal gun at Kyle's head, an obvious deadly threat.  Again, Kyle pulled the trigger, erasing Grosskreutz's biceps.  The jurors knew nothing about the criminal records of the men attacking Kyle.

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What they did learn, though, from prosecution witness testimony, videos, and still photos, was that, in each instance, the men Kyle shot were the aggressors, and Kyle tried desperately to flee, firing only when his life was in imminent danger.  It was on these facts alone that the jury concluded that Kyle was innocent.

The lawyers from the prosecutor's office conducted an amazingly shoddy case, lying about the evidence and the law, ignoring court orders, violating Kyle's constitutional rights, aiming a weapon at the jurors, and generally seeming to want a mistrial.  The district attorney should never have filed the case (opening the way for a malicious prosecution action), and his assistants were either passively trying to get rid of the case because they knew that Kyle was innocent or were filled with so much hubris that they figured they could get away with a prosecution tantamount to murder.

The worst thing they did was argue that anyone who carries a gun is asking to be attacked, denying him a claim of self-defense.  In other words, the prosecution vitiated the Second Amendment.

Meanwhile, playing out in the public eye were the media and the Democrat political class.  Although those involved in the case were White, Democrats insisted that the case represented the triumph of White supremacy over beleaguered Blackness.  After the verdict, the shrieks about racism escalated.  The media and the political class also parroted the prosecution's argument about guns being an inherent provocation and are using this as a springboard to demand gun control.

Image by the Liberty Mechanic.

Beginning with Obama's election, the media have been force-feeding America on the White supremacist narrative, which is being taught in America's schools under the labels of Critical Race Theory; "honest" history; or "diversity, equity, and inclusion."  No matter the name, the goal is the same: to drive Americans apart and disarm law-abiding citizens.

What the leftists are aiming for is identical to Charles Manson's helter-skelter plan: drive the nation to a bloody race war and, from the ashes of that war, rebuild society with themselves as undisputed leaders.

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So the good news is that Kyle was acquitted.  It's to be hoped that he sues every single media outlet and personality, and every Democrat politician, who accused him of being a White supremacist murderer.  The bad news is that the race-hustlers are using the acquittal to double down on their claims that America is systemically racist; that all Whites are evil, potential killers; and that the answer is for the government to seize Americans' guns.

Image: Kyle Rittenhouse hears the verdict.  Rumble screen grab.

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