Tell me again why I should vote Republican

So it was a mini-red sweep in an off-year election.  As a result of this rather small sampling of the national electorate, all the usual Republican establishment political operatives were in full celebration mode, and the conservative pundits were predicting a tidal wave in next year's midterms that would return control of both the Senate and the House to them and reverse the damage done by the Marxist, autocratic, big-government Democrats.  The restoration of limited government, individual liberty, and the "American way of life" were all awaiting your Republican vote in November of 2022.

Really?  Not so fast, Bucko.  A mere two days after this great political victory that was supposed to signal a profound change of direction in the body politic — one that would send a message to everyone that taxation, regulation, border anarchy, racism, and authoritarian mandates were given a resounding rejection — thirteen Republican House members voted to support the president's "infrastructure" spending plan that would all but guarantee the continuation of everything that we thought we opposed.  (Nineteen Republican senators also voted for this bill.)  So what is the point in continuing to elect Republicans when they sell out principles so easily?

This is only the latest example of "moderate" and "centrist" GOP pols assisting the Dems to further their growth policies in the areas of government debt, deficit, regulation, taxation, and control.  Debt and deficits grew alarmingly under Presidents Trump and Biden.  Both Republican and Democratic congresses pass new legislation that alarmingly increases the size, scope, and expense of government.  Both parties vote to raise the debt limit without much thought to repayment.  Both parties accept without question the right of the Federal Reserve to artificially suppress interest rates and to continue bond purchases, "quantitative easing," and other measures that result in a bloated balance sheet, asset inflation, and destruction of the dollar's purchasing power.  So what is the point in electing Republicans?

So often, whether they are in control or in opposition, Republicans do not really stand for anything.  They may at times oppose the size or expense of legislation proposed by Democrat administrations, but they do not lead.  They do not defend any consistent positions.  They are almost always on defense and overly sensitive to media criticism.  They apologetically play by the rules (even when in a street fight).  They attempt to piously uphold congressional institutional traditions (often to their disadvantage), but they are, for the most part, ineffectual.  None of these traits plagues Democrats, who consistently and doggedly push forward their radical agenda, unconcerned about appearances or opinion.

In 1964, presidential candidate Barry Goldwater proposed that he was a "choice, not an echo."  He was right then to suggest that we needed something other than a subservient opposition party, and it is now time to remember his words.  Otherwise, why should I vote Republican?

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