After nearly a year of doing nothing, Kamala Harris takes vacay to Paris with hubby

Joe Biden's "border czar," Kamala Harris, who has spent all of about two hours at the border to find the "root causes" of illegal migration as two million migrants surged in, is now going to Paris.

Seems that weird interview answer she gave to NBC's solicitous anchor, Lester Holt, about how she'd 'never been to Europe,' when he asked a softball question about her absence at the border, was emblematic of what she was thinking about.

According to the Washington Times:

Vice President Kamala Harris arrived in Paris early Tuesday to work with French President Emmanuel Macron on climate change and the COVID-19 fight while further easing the ruckus over a submarine deal with Australia that left France in the cold.

“We are focused on looking forward, not looking backward. France is one of the United States’s oldest and strongest allies,” Symone D. Sanders, a senior adviser and chief spokeswoman for Ms. Harris, told reporters en route to Orly Airport. “If we are going to tackle our global health challenges and prevent the next pandemic, we have to do this together.”

Ms. Harris said it was “good to be in France” as she touched down with her husband, Doug Emhoff.

“I am looking forward to many, many days of productive discussions reinforcing the strength of our relationship,” she said after her motorcade winded along the Seine River and past the Eiffel Tower.

Seriously, five days? For a country that the U.S. couldn't be bothered about to tell about its new alliance with Australia and the U.K.? Something smells like vacation with that one, particularly with her husband, Doug Emhoff, going along for the ride.

The Los Angeles Times delicately notes that the second couple won't publicize all of their events on that near-weeklong supposedly official trip.

What's known is that she will visit the Louis Pasteur Institute to talk about COVID research, but really, to visit the place her more accomplished mother the cancer researcher, used to team up with. Does anybody think that dog and pony show would have happened had her mother not been involved with this Parisian institute to start with? In any case, it's first-lady stuff she's doing: she'll wave her hand, pose for photos, do the Instagrams, and be in and out in a matter of hours.

After that, she meets with France's aggrieved president, Emmanuel Macron, who supposedly already made up with Joe after the infamous Australia-U.K.-U.S. alliance announcement which leaves France out of a contract as well as out on its ear.

Sounds like an opportunity to taste some good French cooking, actually. Macron and all the French diplomats are quite impressive hosts on that front. Nothing of substance will go into that one because the damage is already done and the kiss-and-make-up has since happened. Given that Macron is so sensitive to pecking orders and protocols, and she under-ranks him, you can bet he'll be a busy man and not have a lot of time for her and her giggling.

Third, we learn that suddenly Harris is all interested in Libya -- its immigration situation to be exact. Coming from someone who's failed so spectacularly on the U.S. border surge based on her own inattention and laziness, this is a stretch. How long is she really going to spend at that conference? Probably not more than an hour, given her lack of interest in the topics -- both Libya and immigration.

That should leave plenty of time for her and Doug to share the sights together and get tables at Paris's best restaurants, all at government expense, given that this is "official" travel. Three tiny events, five days in Paris, and they've got it made.

Even the Twitterati think this whole thing is a bid for 'romance':

What I see here is nothing but a disguised vacation for Kamala, now that she knows that she and Joe Biden are on the way out and such opportunities may not come along easily again. How much does this thing cost? Undoubtedly tens of thousands. What are U.S. taxpayers getting for their money? Pretty much nothing, except for those giggly Instagram photos they can look at of Kamala and Doug in Paris on their excellent adventure. Meanwhile, thousands of illegals surge toward the U.S. border.

 Image: Screen shot from video posted by The Hill, via YouTube

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