Post-election swindles in Pennsylvania: there they go again

Pennsylvania is a blue state.  Governor Tom Wolf is a Democrat.  The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is majority Democrat.    Philadelphia mayor, Jim Kenney is a Democrat.  Mayor-elect Ed Gainey of Pittsburgh is a Democrat.  Montgomery County, the largest County outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, is run by a three-person Democrat majority Board of Commissioners.  Upper Merion, a major area in Montgomery County, is run by a five-member Board of Supervisors who are all Democrats. 

Against this abundant one-party control, and other states similarly governed, the world wants to move on from Donald Trump.  The mainstream media and its cohorts deem January 6 as emblematic of “the big lie.”  “False” they bellow, “Biden won.”   Whether one is pro- or anti-Trump, election shenanigans in Pennsylvania were brazenly accomplished.  Again. 

Sean Spicer did a yeoman’s job of pushing back against Bill Maher, on Maher’s TV segment insisting Trump lied about winning the last Presidential election.  Spicer argued so well that he even got Maher to admit that he didn’t know much about the different states’ election laws. However, even that admission didn’t stop Maher from hotly arguing against a true Trump win.  With Maher daily sounding more like a conservative than a liberal, it was disappointing to watch him doggedly argue an issue of which he knew nothing.  

Pennsylvania created a blueprint for the Democrats’ art of the steal.  Since the Presidential election, the Democrat-run machine has added to its bag of dirty tricks.

Prior to the election, the Montgomery County (Montco) Board of Elections sent 16,000.00 mail-in-ballots in error.  Only one side had been printed.  The Board asked that recipients mail back the spoiled ballots.   Of course, not all were returned.

Liz Preate Havey, the Republican Chairwoman of Montgomery County, has chronicled the issues in post-election reports.  On November 5th, Liz stated that 10,000 of the erroneous 16,000 bad ballots had been scanned and checked for double voting; approximately 9,000 mail-in ballots could not be scanned and had to be manually counted; the validity of the vote could not be verified.  Liz demanded that the special mail-in-ballot drop-off boxes be guarded by Sheriff’s deputies, as had been initiated in other counties. 

On November 19th, seventeen days after Election Day, Havey issued a final report.  She concluded: “While Governor Wolf is still in office, he will likely block any significant legislative changes to mail-in voting.... MCRC - Montgomery County Republican Committee - has submitted a Right to Know request for the surveillance footage for the mail-in ballot drop boxes countywide.” She explained the need to review the videos to see if individuals dropped multiple ballots in the boxes.

So, in just one county of 67, the Democrats, as Liz highlighted:

  • Did not guard the drop boxes (which they illegally implemented);
  • Mailed over 16,000 incorrect  one-sided ballots;
  • Did not notify either party until 2:00 am on election night that 9,000 mail-in ballots had a printing error and were unscannable;
  • Incorrectly reported the received mail-in ballot numbers on the Election dashboard; and
  • The Department of State election results pdf inaccurately showed 100% of precincts reported when it was only 100% of in-person votes reported and there were 20,000 mail-in votes outstanding leading to widespread confusion…

…and deep distrust in the system. 

These are not the only problems in Pennsylvania’s 2020 election. Watch the destruction of evidence in Delaware County:

Twitter video screengrab

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