Teachers' union in Canada introduces 'weighted voting' for minority members

In the name of promoting racial equity in that hotbed of racism known as Canada, a labor union representing 60,000 teachers and other educational employees there has restructured its voting system to weight the votes of minority members at the expense of others, in order to ensure a particular outcome in voting on the claim of racial equity.

Here's what National Post columnist Jonathan Kay found:

What with racial blending these days, it will be interesting to see how they plan to sort their members out. Will a member with three white and one black grandparent get a quarter vote? Or will everyone go the Elizabeth Warren route and note that 1/1,024 percent of Native American ancestry? Frankly, it's none of anyone's business what someone's color is, and many people don't actually know their entire racial story. 

But here we are, with the fanatics in charge, demanding a right to place people in racial boxes the same way the plantation owners did in the old days, on the disgusting presumption that they are all cogs in a machine who only vote their own racial interests. These de facto racists pulling this have every intention of rigging the votes to grandly claim that they have eliminated racism. What they will do is institutionalize racism, intensify racial grievances, and turn whites into a racial tribe same as the others.

Here's how they say it will work:

 So much for the old-time view, recognized in every Western democracy, of 'one man, one vote.' The Twitter thread notes that the union members weren't too happy about this decision and then a round of snitchings began. Such nice people.

Who are these loonies? They're part of the big secondary school teachers union in Canada with about 60,000 members; their own union local membership numbers about 1,400 teachers. Their broader union website says:

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF/FEESO) is a trade union representing almost 60,000 members in 140 bargaining units across the province.
Founded in 1919, OSSTF/FEESO represents public high school teachers, occasional teachers, educational assistants, continuing education teachers and instructors, psychologists, secretaries, speech-language pathologists, social workers, plant support personnel, attendance counsellors and many other educational workers.
OSSTF/FEESO bargaining units represent both English and French members in elementary and secondary school workplaces, private schools, consortia offering support services to school boards and universities.

They seem to be a pretty nasty bunch, too - look at their bylaws and impressive punishments for dissenters on offer. Complain about a lazy teacher who's drunk on the job and lose three weeks of pay, get held up like Hester Prynne to a public scorning, and lose one's right to participate in union meetings. That's some union:


A member shall:

  1. avoid interfering in an unwarranted manner between other members and pupils;
  2. on making an adverse report on another member, furnish that member with a written statement of the report at the earliest possible time and not later than three days after making the report;
  3. prior to registering a complaint of harassment or bullying against another member, inform the member, either personally or through a representative, that the actions are unwelcome and must cease;
  4. Any member making an adverse report on another member shall include in the written statement the relevant date, details and alleged incidents that were related in the adverse report to the member and address and deliver the written statement to the member. (A.96)

Those OSSTF members found in violation of OSSTF by-laws may have their names forwarded to the OSSTF Provincial Judicial Council. Sanctions included in the by-laws include being banned from OSSTF meetings, a fine not to exceed the gross salary for 21 working days, and/or publication of the name, charges, and penalties of the member found in violation.

Now they're going for race-norming in election counts, which amounts not only to rigging a vote but also full-blown racism.  

We all know that Canada is a nation with a lot of blue-state-type voters -- they elected Justin Trudeau, after all. This is the country that raised and educated Kamala Harris. Canada's that place that did that disgusting attack on free speech with their legal assault on Mark Steyn a few years back. We know there are wokester-cubed things that go on in Canada. It's not all Canadians, of course, but it's a lot of them, basically the urban majority which calls the shots. Nearly a third of that country is unionized, compared to 10.8% here, with some urban areas such as Quebec having nearly 40%. With this kind of race-rigging going on, it's pretty obvious that many Canadians will be inducted into this kind of thinking.  

That said, we should be concerned with that kind of crap coming here. Canadian far-left ideas spill over easily into the U.S. Leaders of U.S. and Canadian teachers' unions are close. There have been radical union leaders in the U.S. who actually are Canadian, such as Leo Gerard at the United Steelworkers. They start this kind of vote-rigging with unions in Canada, import it to the U.S. and, soon enough, move it to regular U.S. elections, particularly since Big Labor controls the Democrat party.

It's the end of democracy as normal people know it and the pigeon-holing of minorities into single-issue grievance groups, which in the end, silences everyone.

One can only hope that Canada's teachers who don't like this eventually gain the upper hand and toss this fundamentally anti-democratic idea out for good. If it gets bad enough, and they do it in time, maybe they can.

Hat tip: Lauri Regan

Image: Twitter screen shot

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