Just when you thought vaccine madness couldn't get crazier

Germany is a country that's simply weird when it comes to death.  During the 1930s, it euthanized its physically and developmentally disabled people, including children, to "purify" its population.  In the 1940s, it slaughtered Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals to "purify" the world.  Then, for a long time, it stopped killing people.  However, Germany is now one of the European countries that allow euthanasia, so it's now killing people because they want to die.  However, no matter how much they want to die, there's one thing they must do before they go: get vaccinated against COVID.  And no, that's not from the Babylon Bee.

Typically for the Germans, there's a weird logic to the requirement that people going for their appointment with death get vaccinated against a disease that, at the very worst, will give them the oblivion they seek: while they want to die, the person administering the fatal drugs does not.  And since the vaccines are apparently useless in preventing that person from getting COVID, clearly, the person choosing to die must also get a useless vaccination.

The story comes from The Spectator, which apparently was privileged to get a communiqué from the Verein Sterbehilfe, AKA the German Euthanasia Association:

Euthanasia and the preparatory examination of the voluntary responsibility of our members willing to die require human closeness. Human closeness, however, is a prerequisite and breeding ground for coronavirus transmission. As of today, the 2G rule applies in our association, supplemented by situation-related measures, such as quick tests before encounters in closed rooms.

Image: Poison bottle.  Piqsels.

Steerpike, of The Spectator, adds the perfect comment: "'Close encounters in closed rooms' — what a fabulous German euphemism for assisted suicide."

The good thing about this is that the nature of the vaccine is such that you don't get a vaccine shot on Monday morning and then get your terminal shot Monday afternoon.  Instead, it takes weeks for the vaccine's efficacy — such as it is — to kick in.  That means that some people might reconsider their decision.

And again, the craziest thing about all this is that the vaccine requirement for euthanasia customers is an implicit admission that the vaccine doesn't work.  After all, if it did work, it would be sufficient for the person administering the terminal drugs to be vaccinated.  The whole thing is just one more layer of crazy in our already COVID-crazy world.

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