Judge Jeanine and the Rittenhouse verdict

Judge Jeanine Pirro was talking to about 2,500 patriots Friday morning November 19 at the American Freedom Tour at Dream City Church in Phoenix.  She reminded us that the rule of law within the justice system is the foundation of civilization, and that today it requires the courage of ordinary citizens, in the face of the left's cancel culture and venomous behavior, to assure that the law is always applied fairly and impartially to everyone.  She turned to the example of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, then awaiting a verdict, and described the cultural and political pressure against the jury members to influence them to reach a "politically correct" verdict, if only to protect themselves from the prevailing trauma against those who do the right thing by basing their decisions on law and fact. 

In the middle of this discussion, the jury verdict acquitting Kyle Rittenhouse on all counts was announced, and the audience erupted in joy and cheers.  My wife and I were there, together with members of the Jewish Women's Conservative Forum, learning how we can and must fight against the left on these issues at the grassroots.  What serendipity to be with Judge Jeanine as she changed the course of her talk to take into account this historic moment to pound home the lesson that we can all participate in making America better by determining the actual facts in any situation and always following the rule of law.

As a lawyer and a former prosecutor, I was gratified, and not very surprised, that our jury system worked as it should.  Several years ago, my wife was on a jury in a felony case.  I asked her why her jury acquitted the defendant, and she responded, "The prosecutor failed to prove every element of her case."  That jury had paid attention to the facts placed in evidence, compared them to the elements of the crime set out in the statute as the judge read to them, and determined that the prosecution had failed.  That is why the Rittenhouse jury acquitted him.  The jury followed the judge's instructions and paid no heed to the ideological biases of the media or the politicians.

Judge Jeanine raised one more vital issue.  Conservatives must serve on jury duty as often as we possibly can.  Unlike the left, we are the folks who believe that facts are reality and can be empirically demonstrated, and our fellow citizens deserve the benefit of our reasoning at trial.

The American Freedom Tour emphasized that it is our duty as individual citizens to come together and take back our country, beginning at the grassroots in our local communities.  Jury duty is one way.  The other speakers also confirmed the primacy of what Proclaiming Justice to the Nations is doing now: helping parents take back their local school boards by electing new board members whose actions will be informed by their Judeo-Christian values, the United States Constitution, and the best interest of American students.

Michael S. Goldstein, Esq., retired Navy officer and 30-year veteran of the U.S. Intelligence Community, is general counsel and state of Arizona director of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations.  MGoldstein@PJTN.org.

Image: Gage Skidmore.

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