It’s time for conservatives to reach out to Blacks who disavow Democrats

My favorite Black nationalist economist is Dr. Boyce Watkins.  I enjoy his financial freedom advice (he has a Ph.D. in finance) and fully support the years he's spent opposing homicide in Black communities, all done, as he says, to a "toxic hip hop" beat.

Watkins is neither a leftist nor a conservative advocate.  As a proponent of Black nationalist self-determination, he parallels conservative calls for home rule and personal responsibility.  He strongly distrusts the dominant White culture, which, as an example, informs his assessment of the dynamics in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.  His view quite obviously differs at critical junctures from more center-right assessments.  Still, these differences don't preclude his arriving at the same conclusions as conservative and libertarian observers.

Watkins's assessment that leftist-led mainstream media ignore Black murder victims matches conclusions from conservative observers.  It's useful for White conservatives to be aware of Watkins's views because it's a reminder that opposition to the left isn't solely a Republican/conservative affair.  The good professor proves this fact daily through online broadcasts.

He and other Black nationalists call out elected officials and news personalities who tout a Democrat party line without any semblance of independent thought.  They are part of community pushback against the left's ideological colonization of Black narratives and institutions.  America is being colonized by relentless leftism, and everyone who agrees with this conclusion needs to be heard as the progressive echo chamber gets louder.

Dr. Watkins is unique among Black commentators because he's not a Democrat.  Too many "community" voices on mainstream media and popular platforms are ideological colonists delivering diatribes straight from the Democratic National Committee.

Despite regular references to White supremacy and admonitions against working outside Black businesses, Dr. Watkins's prescribed way forward doesn't lead to the Democrat party.  He's a stellar example of how the left has failed to enlist every major Black commentator as an "afro apparatchik" furthering its cause.

Image: Dr. Boyce Watkins.  YouTube screen grab.

It's refreshing to know that Dr. Watkins has thousands of independent Black viewers also working to loosen the leftist stranglehold on our narrative and institutions.  He and similar spokespersons such as Prof. Black Truth and Dr. Umar Johnson routinely repudiate attempts at a single-party monopoly over Black America.

I must warn conservatives deciding to visit these sites.  Their analysis is harsh and almost certainly offensive to anyone favorably disposed of the right.  If it's any consolation, they're unsparing in their assessment of the left, too.

I offer kudos to Dr. Boyce Watkins for standing up for Black crime victims.  While Sean Hannity and other national conservatives are dismissed as racists when they decry Black crime victims, Dr. Watkins recognizes Black victims as an unquestionable concern.  Cities with Democratic leadership are reckoning with a bitter harvest now that they've sown "defund the police" rhetoric and are reaping a dramatic decrease in public safety, especially in minority communities.

The fact that Dr. Watkins's father was a police officer explains his nuanced view of policing.  He praises the institution while condemning what he sees as racists within its ranks.  This is a far cry from the left's blanket Bolshevik demonization of law enforcement, which has left urban areas de-policed and destroyed by politically enabled criminals.

I've followed Dr. Watkins's work for years, and he's one of my go-to sources for what he terms "B1," meaning Black community first, as well as commentary about and independent critiques of the left.  As we watch leftists double down on stirring up key demographics before the 2022 congressional midterm elections, the value of Dr. Watkins's content goes up like political bitcoin.

Nadra Enzi AKA Cap Black.  Writer/Commentator on Liberation and Liberty.  #ActualSuperHeroForLiberty Advocate.  #HaltHunger Organizer.

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