Is Pete Buttigieg doing anything other than running for office?

A culprit is emerging from the supply chain crisis in the minds of voters and it's not good news for Democrats.

Here's what a new poll from I&I/TIPP, via Issues & Insights' Terry Jones, has found:

...the November I&I/TIPP Poll shows Americans overwhelmingly blame our Potomac-based political class for the current problems.

The poll asked: “In general, how responsible are politicians in Washington for recent increases in gasoline and food prices?” The answer suggests coal (or perhaps tiny solar panels?) in many politicians’ stockings this year: 69% of those responding said politicians were responsible, while just 21% said they weren’t.

Perhaps the most surprising result comes from looking at the political breakdown. There is little, if any, difference between Democrats (71%), Republicans (73%) and independents/others (68%). Finally, something on which all the major parties can agree.

Sure enough, the Biden administration has achieved 'unity' all right. Every party now agrees that the Biden administration is incompetent. Democrats, who have no understanding of inflation as a strictly monetary phenomenon (read this) are just astute enough to recognize that inflation has some kind of tie with supply chain failures, though, and those supply chain failures are things that people can see in front of them as factories shut down and workers get laid off for lack of spare parts. More specifically, they recognize that the supply chain mess is damaging their electoral prospects. They're actually getting scared (Hat tip: Instapundit). 

Which brings us to Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden's Secretary of Transportation. What's the man in charge of the supply chain in the administration with Biden's name on it doing? Well, aside from going on an extended paternity leave without telling anyone at the height of the crisis, and then using criticism of the matter as a bully pulpit in favor of it on the Sunday talk shows, he's been busy talking about racist highways, carrying on about the matter for about two weeks running ... as the supply chain issue continues to be a problem.

Meanwhile, his pals in Washington and at a friendly nearby ivy have put out tripe like this over the past weekend:

Which is laughable. Both candidates are utterly unpopular and doing their "fair share" to drag the Democrats under. In addition to that, the pair hate each other, with Kamala's camp last seen accusing the Buttigieg camp of leaking mean stories about their candidate.

So now we have Buttigieg or someone aligned to him launching weather balloons about his next job as if it's a campaign. Coming in the middle of a bona fide supply chain crisis, it seems that someone's got his priorities on backward.

Buttigieg seems to be running for office rather than running the department of Transportation and focusing on the job around supply chain issues that the voters have paid him to do. Harris has always been accused by her many detractors of 'running for her next job.' It seems that Buttigieg, who's taken Harris's failed response to the border crisis as a how-to guide, has decided to follow in her footsteps. Yet it's strange to see that happening as the poll shows that voters are blaming Democrats for the supply chain crisis. Rather than solve anything, they just run for office some more.

It's time for Pete to put up or get out, He's got a job to do as the supply chain continues to fail and he's not doing it. Biden should get rid of him, to ensure that the entire Democrat party comes crashing and burning down now, come November 2022. They aren't fooling the voters anymore.

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