Increasing numbers of moderates feel the Democrat party has abandoned them

My dear friend is an "og," or original leftist, thoroughly disgusted by Democrat party ideology.  It comes from having been left behind (no pun intended) as a party member after the Democrats' headlong leap into emotional brittleness and authoritarianism.

She's a feminist who finds modern feminism unrecognizable.  She has been excommunicated from feminist circles for the "heresy" of not considering men to be women, no matter how strenuously they assert that they are.

This dangerous stance has made her an outlier among "tolerant" leftists suddenly made intolerant by her position on gender identity.  Toss in more "woke" apoplexy over my pro-choice friend opposing abortion being used as birth control.  We can also add voting for Republicans to her growing list of thoughtcrimes.

Image: Internet meme, creator unknown.

Another of her heresies is reverence for the work of Thomas Sowell, Glenn Loury, and other Black conservative intellectuals.  This alone demonstrates a definition of leftism light-years removed from Democrat party dogma.  Crossing the partisan aisle hasn't happened yet because she's not enamored of Trumpian conservatism, either.  As stated earlier, she is a feminist and thus finds today's GOP incarnation problematic.

This "og" leftist harkens back to an America of our Generation X youth.  Back in the day, both major ideologies sought their vital center to build consensus.  Today's shrillness and willingness to silence dissent are anathema to diverse truth-tellers.  Much has changed in society except our stubborn open-mindedness.

Her agnosticism embodies a great Western humanist tradition that sees those who question the deity nonetheless subscribe to unquestionable philanthropy.  My friend, like others who feel as she does, routinely assists sexual assault survivors, the homeless, and young mothers.  My friend's definitely not a prison abolitionist.  Indeed, her presence is often felt in one of my favorite areas of interest: promoting effective prosecution of career violent criminals.

This concludes my salute to my "og" leftist friend.  The real fun begins when I surprise her with this post!

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