Harry & Meghan say they want to escape the publicity. Really?

Has any other couple enjoyed or endured as much publicity as Harry and Meghan?  Remember the fairy-tale romance that started with a blind date?  Soon they were jet-setting around the world.  This was followed by the engagement; a magnificent wedding; and, a year later, a bouncing baby boy, Archie. 

Were they living happily ever after?  As in all fairy tales, there was a murky underside.  The couple stated that the British media had been unfair.  Among other issues were family drama and a massive case of "I want my own way."  They announced they were stepping down from their royal duties and moving to North America to become financially independent and escape the unrelenting publicity.

In quest of the financial goal, they created The Archewell Foundation, plus they hammered out lucrative deals with Spotify, Netflix, and several others.  Netflix made two movies on their lives.  Harry and Meghan: Becoming Royal, and Harry and Meghan: The Royal Romance.  Keep in mind, they don't want publicity.  

In an effort "to share their truth," the couple granted a two-hour interview to Oprah.

YouTube screen grab.

This produced a memorable meme.  Queen Elizabeth is riding in a limousine.  She is holding what appears to be a Smith & Wesson M&P complete with a silencer.  It reads, "When you spend £32 million on your granddaughter's wedding, and she trashes you to Oprah." 

This summer, we were treated to yet another movie, Harry and Meghan: Escaping the Palace.  I read a couple of Twitter reviews.  One was complimentary, and another said, "I know I should be crying, but I was laughing too hard."  Again, they don't want the publicity. 

Folks, the couple met only in July of 2016 — just over five years ago!  So far there are three movies to document their lives together.  Can you imagine what the future flicks will be like?  Harry & Meghan: Raising Rebellious Royal Teens.  H&M: Midlife, Menopause and Royal Mental Confusion.  H&M: Aches, Arthritis, and Royal Pains.

Incidentally, The Archewell Foundation is generous with its employees.  With the birth of a daughter, Lilibet, they each receive a 20-week parental leave. 

Recently, TIME Magazine named Harry & Meghan as the Top Icons of 2021.  Congratulations.  Go live "your truth" happily ever after.  Also, that unwanted, pesky publicity, take a TIME-OUT!  We all need it!

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