Our partisan FBI failed again, costing taxpayers $130 million (and 17 innocent people their lives)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, once comprising the best and brightest in law enforcement, has for some time now been more concerned with pushing the Democrat agenda than stopping criminals and terrorists.

The list of recent FBI failures is well known and extensive.  Our feeble Feebs failed to stop the first bombing of the World Trade Center, the 9/11 attacks, the Fort Hood slaughter, the Orlando nightclub shooting, the San Bernardino massacre, and the sexual abuse of underage female Olympic gymnasts.  In every case, the FBI had reams of worrisome info about the perps yet did nothing to stop them.

Perhaps the FBI was simply too fatigued from its partisan political activities to go after malefactors and terrorists.  The Bureau certainly did its best to cover up Hillary Clinton's crimes against national security, and let's not forget the Feebs' enthusiastic Russia Collusion coup against President Trump.  They likewise did a great job tormenting Trump associates Gen. Mike Flynn, Roger Stone, and Steve Bannon, all while shielding the unseemly contents of Hunter Biden's laptop from the American public.

How does playing partisan politics interfere with enforcing the law?  Let's examine the massacre at a Parkland, Florida high school in 2018.

Prior to the shooting that took seventeen lives, the FBI received a telephone tip that the eventual shooter, Nikolas Cruz, had purchased guns and planned to shoot up a school.  "I know he's going to explode," the caller warned.

Just like that, the Feebs had the perp, the place, and the weapons to be used.  Of course, the FBI did absolutely nothing with that info, and young people died.

So egregious was the FBI's failure to act that the federal government just settled a suit with the victims' families for close to $130 million, as per the N.Y. Times.

Here's my theory of why the FBI did nothing about Nikolas Cruz: they didn't want to tick off their true boss and spiritual leader, Barack Obama.

Obama's legacy as president was convincing millions of Americans that their country is irredeemably racist.  Not only were lots of white folks racist, according to our first black president, but all the "systems" were, too, especially the legal system.

If there were too many black men in prison, the penal system must be racist.  Not enough Hispanics in Harvard?  Racist SATs.

Nikolas Cruz was a severely troubled young man.  He abused animals, brought knives and guns to school, spewed bigotry, and several times threatened to shoot people.  But time after time, school officials looked the other way and kept this information to themselves.  Why?

Because at the time of the massacre, the Broward County school superintendent was an Obama acolyte, Robert Runcie.  Like his buddy Barack, Runcie felt that school discipline was racist based on the theory of disparate impact.

Now, how would one go about achieving similar rates of school discipline among the races?  By simply ignoring minority student misbehavior.  At least that was Obama's and, in my opinion, Runcie's plan.  Runcie's official bio at the time bragged that student arrests during his tenure at Broward County were down 65%.

That's some world-class looking the other way at crime, even for a Democrat.

So the FBI knew that young Cruz was a menace to society, but the problem was, Cruz was Hispanic.  If the Feebs went after a Hispanic student and it went public, Supt. Runcie might have flipped, and the Lightbringer would have blown a fuse.

The FBI was faced with a thorny dilemma: protect innocent schoolchildren, or please their liberal masters?

Well, the Feebs chose, and now that they've paid off the victims' families, the FBI would like you to forget that the Parkland Massacre ever happened.  That, and the sad fact that today's FBI is merely the enforcement arm of the Democrat party.

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