Forming an alternative society in the age of COVID

From the balcony of the square, thousands looked up to see a most unlikely figure emerge: a stout middle-aged man, with thinning gray hair and deep eyes.  The first non-Italian to stand there since before time.  His first words to the hungry crowd were "be not afraid."  Years later, a thin elderly man stepped out to greet a similar crowd and spoke: "[I am] a simple, humble laborer in the vineyard of the Lord."

What transpired during the time of these two popes was amazing: the fall of communism, the emergence of terrorism, the re-emergence of communism, the strengthening of the Chinese communists, cell phones, smartphones, computerization, to name a few.  Some of these things were good, some very evil.  But the words of the popes ring true today.  These men knew the heart of totalitarianism well.  One was raised amid the evil of the Soviet communists, the other in the horror of Nazi Germany.  Who better to comment on our current rise of totalitarianism?

With the COVID pandemic fully upon us and seemingly not going away (whether naturally or because powers that be want to use it as a bludgeon), their words ring true again.  We must proceed in our lives without being afraid.  This does not mean ignoring the virus.  It is real, and it does kill people, but only a small number (99.5% or better survival).  But it is not something we should stop our lives for, nor is it something we should overturn all existing norms for.  It is a virus.  There are wonderful treatments out there, treatments that, if they were not actively suppressed, would have precluded any emergency use authorization for the experimental gene therapy now being called a vaccine.  The powers that be, Fauci, the Biden administration, the WHO, Bill Gates, and likely George Soros and BlackRock all stopped their publicization so the vaccine agenda could be advanced.  Their goal is unknown, but likely it is the almighty dollar, and power and control.

We cannot on a global level fight this power easily, but at a local level, we can.  It is time for all to resist peacefully.  Refuse to submit to the agenda.  If a business requires the shot, quit, and start a separate business.  In medicine, we can start our own private clinics, free from the unruly burdens of hospital administrators.  Last year's heroes are shunned; they sit at home, wondering what is next.  Meet with like-minded health care providers and create a private clinic free from this sweeping overreach.  Enjoy the work, reward, and freedom of private practice.  If the hospital won't let you operate there, take all your surgeries to another facility, preferably a private surgery center.  Create networks that will eventually prove much better and cheaper than the current system.

As winter progresses and the inevitable next wave of COVID appears, this time among vaccinated people, these same hospitals will be begging for the "unwashed."  We will be busy in our own lives and have significant leverage over them.  We must stay strong, and we will exert our power.  We will remember those in charge who kicked us to the street, and these unethical administrators will answer for their decisions.

In terms of shopping, stay local.  Find restaurants you trust, go to "Mom and Pop" stores.  Keep loyal to those who resist.  In a respect, this is a bit of an alternative society, with the goal of regaining this beloved nation that we cherish.  Others outside medicine need to do the same.  Perhaps as businesses get to know you, there will be special sales for the "unwashed."

And we must forgive.  Many were duped, believing they were doing the "right thing" in getting jabbed.  It was for society's good.  They will need our compassion and likely our care, as their T cells disappear and complications and cancers develop.  Yes, get ready for the media onslaught of "strokes are normal in children, kids can have heart attacks, too, cancers are because of reduced care one year ago, strokes are common."  Just this week I saw a headline stating that pot use is linked to pediatric heart attacks.  So the lies will continue, but we need to stay strong. 

We must be "simple laborers in the vineyard of the Lord."  And as the lies pile up, and we are asked to sacrifice even more, we must "be not afraid."

Image via Pixabay.

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