Defund the COPs

I've finally found an issue I can get behind!  No, I am not talking about defunding the police.  I thank them all for their service.  I am talking about defunding the spectacle that is Conference of the Parties 26 (COP), the insufferable preening of the woke global "elites."

And it is not just the knuckle-dragging "climate deniers" who want the COPs to go away.  Greta Thunberg has ridiculed U.N. climate conferences as just more blah, blah, blah.  During COP26, she turned it up a bit, saying, "You can shove your climate crisis up your arse."

It is not just Greta who is tired of the traveling climate circus.  The radicals of Extinction Rebellion are also fed up with the scam.  It turns out that when you glue yourself to the road in protest, you have a lot of time to ponder and seek clarity.

Even with our new allies on the left, it will be hard to fully defund the COPs.  The United States and other Western governments will continue to fund the U.N. and its goal to destroy our economies.  And fake woke corporations who see the climate fight as a path to higher profits and less competition will continue funding the pageant.  But we can mock them.  Fascists detest being mocked.

By now you know that President Biden required a staff of 800 and 85 vehicles to attend the G20 meetings and COP26.  You know that Prince Charles said a "vast military-style campaign" is required to marshal a "fundamental economic transition."  You know that Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and other self-appointed elites flew to Scotland from all over the globe on 400 private jets.  Thirty thousand people descended on Glasgow to save the planet while their carbon footprint could be seen from space.

It is obvious that the COPs feel the wind is at their sails.  They feel the momentum.  The famous "hockey stick" graph is back in IPCC AR6 after being left out of the prior two Assessment Reports.  I did some digging, and when you check the source, the graph actually depicts the growth of Al Gore's net worth since 2000, an inconvenient truth. 

CO2 is the main focus of the COP grifter class.  The only way to save the planet is to immediately transition from traditional, reliable energy to unreliable sources.  Or so they say.

A recent Reuters article stated that one of Britain's main aims for the United Nations summit is "consigning coal power to history."  The article failed to mention that the day before, November 3, the lack of wind in the U.K. left the windmills motionless, which required coal plants to provide the abundant electricity needs of COP26.  Also missing from the COP26 dispatch is mention of the IER report issued in October, which showed that power generation from coal soared in 2021.  Stick to the narrative.

Much like the track record of the climate models, the impact of the U.N. effort to reduce CO2 is also dismal.  From the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 to COP26, atmospheric CO2 has risen from 356 ppm to nearly 420 ppm.  That is not a bad thing; the greening of the earth benefits us all.  But it does expose the scam. 

Aren't we all getting tired of the climate road show spectacle?  There were no new discoveries at COP26.  No climate agreement among the parties.  China, Russia, and India did not even RSVP.

The outcome is already baked into the cake.  The COPs preen and parade for the cameras because they think it provides a stamp of credibility and international cooperation.  It doesn't.  Maybe some people were swayed by Rio, COP1, or COP3.  But this is COP26.  Please stop.  It's embarrassing for you and painful for the rest of us.

COP26 and the myriad U.N. climate conferences are distractions.  It is not about saving the planet.  For the people seeking power, climate change is just the cover.  Greta Thunberg understands that now.

Green warrior John Kerry revealed the fraud behind the COPs.  They do not need an "international consensus."  They have everything they need to fundamentally transform everything in our lives.  Corporatists have seen the future...and it is green.  They are happy to help the administrative state take more and more of our freedom and liberty and profit by it.

The people at COP26 predicting the end of the world by 2030, 2050, or whenever must be called out and mocked.  But we cannot be distracted from the fact that the Biden administration's "whole of government" attack on our way of life by the mostly unelected administrative state is happening now.  And they have a new, tested template from the COVID-19 pandemic that they will use — unless we stop them.

This is not about the environment.  Nor is it about CO2.  It is about capitalism and individual freedom.  Capitalism, even in its current weakened form, provides opportunity, mobility, and hope.  However, it also poses a viable threat to those currently in control of government and the economy.  To make a long story short, the COPs want to stay at the top.  That is what this is about.    

Bette Grande is a state government relations manager at The Heartland Institute and CEO of the Roughrider Policy Center.

Image: COP26.

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