California’s invisible governor

On October 27, Gavin Newsom, an apparently healthy young man without any known comorbidities, nevertheless sat down in Oakland, California, for a vaccine booster. Since then, no one has seen him in public. Although I would never wish illness on someone just because I disagree with them politically if Newsom did in fact have a bad reaction to the booster, that might affect his tyrannical ukase requiring all children who attend either public or private schools to get a COVID vaccine.

Here’s footage of a cheerful Gavin Newsom getting his vaccine booster and then flexing his muscles to prove that he’s super healthy:

Now, though, there’s a question about whether he’s healthy at all, let alone super healthy. The Daily Mail ran an entire article on Saturday wondering about the whereabouts of the state’s governor:

California Governor Gavin Newsom has disappeared from public view for 10 days and abruptly canceled plans to attend the COP26 climate summit in Scotland over unexplained ‘family obligations.’

Newsom was last seen in public on October 27, receiving a COVID-19 booster shot in Oakland. He said it was painless and then flexed in celebration, urging others to get boosters as well.

Two days later, his office issued a statement citing unspecified family obligations, abruptly cancelling his plans to attend the global climate conference, a huge gathering of international leaders on a subject that is among his highest priorities.

The statement claimed that Newsom would attend the summit virtually, though he still has not made a video appearance. California’s lieutenant governor led the delegation in his place. No further information on the ‘family obligations’ that caused the sudden alteration to his schedule have been shared.

Since then, Newsom has been seen only in prerecorded video statements, and in family Halloween photos posted on Monday, in costume as a pirate with his wife and four young children.

When pressed, a Newsom spokesperson pish-toshed the idea that there was something wrong with him, despite his having canceled a chance to fly to Scotland and consort with the rich, famous, and fossil-fuel profligate hanging out there.

The article notes little tweets Newsom has done, a pre-recorded Diwali message for Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and some Buddhists, a photo of him with his family (wife and four children) showing off Halloween costumes, and a few announcements from his office—including the promise of a “robust” vaccination program for children now that the FDA approved for them an experimental vaccine with no long-term studies because there hasn’t yet been a long term.

On Saturday, AP reported that Newsom praised the “infrastructure” bill that nine quisling Republicans helped the Democrats pass. However, there’s neither footage nor a photo of Newsom making that statement. The same is true for the Sacramento Bee—it reports his statement without a video or a photograph.

Regarding the vaccine that Newsom is so desperate to mandate for children, Dr. Ted Noel sent me some interesting data:

CDC Director Walensky is urging kids to be vaccinated. Her justification is 745 deaths in kids under 18 in the last 12 months. Since there are 41,490,000 kids through age 19 (I know, not a perfect match, but close) in the US, this works out to 17.956 (round up to 18) deaths PER MILLION. Bicycles are more deadly.

If you like statistics, the chance of a child dying from COVID is 0.0018% or, if you round it up, 0.002%. That rate is bad luck not a childhood disease epidemic.

Should Newsom indeed be hiding a bad reaction to the booster, that’s not going to be a selling point for the pressure he’s putting on California parents to inject their children with a minimally tested “vaccine” that has resulted in numerous side effects, some of which are extremely serious. Given that children are minimally affected by COVID, any risk from the vaccine may seem to the parents like too big a risk to take with their most precious possessions.

Image: Gavin Newsom gets a vaccine booster (edited in befunky). YouTube screen grab.

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