Biden's Treasury Department nominee wants to bankrupt fossil fuel companies

Back in October, people began to be aware that there was something very wrong about Saule Omarova, Biden's nominee to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a subdivision of the Treasury Department that oversees about 1,200 banks, with assets totaling around $14 trillion.  It's a position one associates with capital and capitalism, but Omarova, a graduate of Moscow State University in the former Soviet Union, is a Marxist to her core.  Now a recently unearthed video shows that she dreams of bankrupting the fossil fuel sector in service to the climate change ideology.

Omarova has praised the old USSR because she claims that, unlike America, it didn't have a "gender pay gap," a completely erroneous assertion.  In fact, while America has a de minimis gender pay gap, the former Soviet Union had a significant one.  Here's Veronique de Rugy, destroying Omarova's assertion:

There is now a bipartisan recognition that when measured properly, the pay gap in the United States is minuscule. It certainly isn't the 21 cents per dollar often advertised by the left. The fact that she doesn't know this fact is telling about her poor understanding of economics.


Sure, [Soviet] statutes expressly emancipated women and mandated equal pay for equal work. Yet large gender wage gaps and labor segregation persisted. Many scholars have documented how all communist countries were run by men; female leaders would have been unconceivable. Soviet women were not only expected to clean, shop for food, cook dinner, and raise the children, but also to perform the vast majority of physical labor such as street cleaning and highway construction.

So if they weren't getting equal pay for equal work, were they getting something else that their capitalist sisters weren't?

  • It wasn't a longer life. In the 1980's, American women on average lived around 5 years longer than Soviet women.
  • It wasn't economic prosperity. The GDP per capita in the United States was around 6 to 7 times higher than that of the Soviet Union.

Omarova also believes in having the state set wages — in other words, she wants one-half of a government-managed economy.  Once the state sets prices, too, we've gone full Soviet.

And heck!  Why not?  After all, we've already got a totalitarian criminal justice system, whether it's the kangaroo court proceeding for Derek Chauvin, the gulag for (still untried) January 6 prisoners who must recant their wrongthink to get prison privileges, the FBI raids against Project Veritas journalists because Biden's daughter lost her diary, and the current farcical trial against Kyle Rittenhouse.

Considering that Omarova has revealed herself to be a Marxist and an ignorant fool, the recently discovered video showing her to be a climate ideologue as well really shouldn't come as a surprise.  And yet it is surprising to see a person nominated for one of the most powerful economic positions in the American government devoutly hoping that whole industry will be destroyed:

For Omarova, as for all ideologues, real people are an abstraction who get in the way of her utopian plans.  The fact that thousands of people will lose their jobs is irrelevant.  Likewise, she doesn't care that there's no way for renewables to produce the same amount of energy as fossil fuels (something Germany, land of rolling brownouts and blackouts, is discovering).

Destroy fossil fuels, and you destroy modernity.  For energy, factories are once again dependent on running water and maybe donkeys or oxen turning wheels.  Modern farming reverts to the minimalist production of the premodern era.  Trains, cars, planes, trucks, farming equipment — all gone, as people begin to starve to death.

Much as we like to watch costume dramas, the fact is that the premodern era was a lousy time to be alive because hunger, disease, and death nibbled at everyone's heels constantly, from the moment they were born.  All you need to know is that roughly 50% of all pre-modern children died before the age of five to understand what the climate fanatics dream of for us.  And meanwhile, as we revert to a new Dark Age, China will continue to burn coal and build military weapons and equipment.

If you haven't yet contacted your senator telling him to vote no on Omarova, you might want to do so now.

Image: Saule Omarova (edited in befunky).  Twitter screen grab.

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