Biden, Big Pharma, and your child

Thank you, Big Pharma, we suppose, for the vaccine update, which we distrust, though appreciate hearing about.

But the need for children to have such a vaccine is not reliably yet established.  As all of us know, children are the least likely to transmit or contract or infect others.  Why then force their hapless parents to inject their progeny with a vaccine with still unknown side effects?  

The drug companies obey the market, which has dictated under the present unwholesome and unreasonable administration the vaccination of the entire population, whether wisely or not, so they rushed this version of their vaccines to market, despite the obvious non-necessity of such a modality. 

It is simply unconscionable that despite the science, which is well known and understood, this dictatorial, authoritarian regime has chosen the strangulation of mandates and endless public service announcements that are highly questionable to force parents and others to vaccinate their innocent victims. 

Teenage boys in Israel have had adverse events in high numbers, including myocarditis, which affliction would not have even been a consideration without the vaccinations they were bullied into.  Pfizer made vaccines available first and plentifully if Israel made itself the willing first data-collecting guinea pigs for their aborning vaccines.

Adverse events often take months or years to surface.  The current sera have not been in the pipeline long enough to ascertain that long-term results of taking the shot or shots will be adverse-event–free.  Short-term results, though of some value, are certainly not dispositive on the long arc of lives lived multifariously.

Why should we submit to these blandishments?  Why should a black physician shill to persuade black potential arms-to-be to submit?  Why on Earth should 24,000 decent, hardworking professionals we lauded as first responders be furloughed without pay unless they submit to the draconian wishes of a clearly impaired and hardly credible doddering placeholder left-wing president being manipulated behind the scenes by persons unknown but with their own agendas? 

This latest advisory from the dark recesses of the worst presidency in our lifetimes is shockingly unpalatable and, as we have stated, potentially more than troubling to actually threatening. 

Image: Christian Emmer.

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