Bannon indictment: Joe Biden takes another political prisoner

Democrats for years have held former Trump administration advisor Steve Bannon in an elevated place. He's the wizard on the mountain to them, the man with magical powers, Svengali to deplorables, and one year out from Trump's presidency, they'd still like to destroy him.

Which brings us to the House and Justice department's latest stunt: Indicting Bannon for refusing to testify for their Jan. 6 commission, which could subject him to a $1,000 per count fine, along with imprisonment for a year. 

According to the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Stephen K. Bannon, a onetime senior aide to former President Donald J. Trump, was indicted by a federal grand jury on Friday on two counts of contempt of Congress, after his refusal to provide information to the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

Mr. Bannon, 67, had declined last month to comply with subpoenas from the committee seeking testimony and documents from him. The House then voted to hold Mr. Bannon in criminal contempt of Congress.

After holding Mr. Bannon in contempt, the House referred the matter to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington for a decision on whether to prosecute him.

This Latin America-style jail-your-opponents crap hasn't been done in the U.S. since 1983. It's effectively unprecedented. Not to Eric Holder. Not to Lois Lerner, to take but two examples of power abusers who clammed up and truly showed contempt for Congress as well as ordinary citizens. Bannon, though, is special.

MSNBC is brimming with coverage of it on YouTube as is CNN. NBC has a digitally altered image of Bannon on their news video of it, making Bannon look like a drunk. Put 'Bannon' in the YouTube search bar and that's what you get.

It goes to show how far gone the Biden administration is in terms of respecting the political balance, precedent, and process. He's got Bannon now. Hain't he got the power? 

Why might this be happening? Why is the Jan. 6 commission so desperate to get Bannon to testify in the first place, and why are they so crazed that he hasn't?

Well, start at the root of it: That Biden was never legitimately elected president. He's in office by fraud. The fact that the fracas at the Capitol, which was never more than a crowd control issue, was all about Biden's fraudulent election. The Bidenites want to jail anyone involved in it in a draconian way, including Bannon who wasn't even at the Capitol when it happened, as a means of sending a message to everyone that questioning Joe Biden's legitimacy is a jailable offense. It's not enough to have control of the media "narrative." Nope, the actual incarceration of critics is the only thing left for an illegitimate president aside from death squads.

What's the end game? To institutionalize the idea that there actually was a coup attempt by Trump, a fanciful thing that drew him an impeachment, if such a thing could have happened with unarmed protestors, unlike how real coups do. And that would mean that Biden was legitimately elected, right? An innocent victim of dread Republican plotters secretly controlled by Steve Bannon, against a totally honest and legitimately elected president. Legitimizing Biden's tainted election is what this is this indictment is primarily about.

Yet it's completely absurd. Somehow, despite the fact that Bannon wasn't in government, he must have had omnipresent powers such that he could use them to launch a coup. So of course he must testify, on their terms, cherry-picking the facts they like and ignoring the significant issues.

Such as those about the real coup-mongers who circled Trump in his final days, like Gen. Mark Milley, who was on the phone with the Chinese in a bid to make common cause against Trump. There also were the liars now being exposed from the first Trump presidential impeachment, such as Fiona Hill, who fostered the creation of the Steele dossier with her buddy Chris Steele, hooking him up with creatures such Russian KGB-wannabe Igor Danchenko and Democrat operative Charles Dolan before she served as an impeachment "witness" regarding a phone call which occurred after she had quit her Trump NSC job. She certainly lied to Congress on her knowledge of the dossier in her own bid to launch a coup, just as Milley did as he made his paranoid ravings and got on the phone with the Chinese.

Those were real coup attempts, done with the leverage of government power. But who gets indicted here with jail time pending? Just Bannon, who has been a private citizen for years with absolutely no government power. That's the guy who did the coup.

The unprecedented nature of this indictment along with draconian punishment for Bannon is little more than Biden taking another political prisoner. We already know that he governs like a dictator, as a recent judicial ruling striking down his vaccine mandate shows. We also know that in the related issue of the Capitol rioters, who should have been handed notices to appear for trespassing offenses, remain jailed to this day in a notorious dungeon, complete with human rights violations. We also know that there's an election coming up in 2022 -- and having Bannon out of the picture would be very convenient for the embattled Democrat party.

There are a lot of political prisoners now in Joe Biden's America whose main "crime" has been to challenge Joe Biden. Besides Bannon and the Capitol rioters, there's the lunacy of the FBI targeting of investigative journalist James O'Keefe over a story he never published, there were several other instances of jailings of dissidents in draconian and unprecedented ways in what are all clear abuses of power. Biden's not in office legitimately, so his only way to halt criticism is to make his opponents fear him. As many observers noted, this was a bid to scare all the other potential witnesses into complying with this stacked, Trump-hating, congressional Kangaroo court.

Breitbart News summed up what this means for Biden in the long term (emphasis mine):

News of the indictment demonstrates the Biden administration’s willingness to pursue former political rivals, opening up future administrations to possible prosecution.

Previous American presidential administrations have resisted investigating their former rivals, even after promising during an election to do, on the merits of protecting executive privilege.

Left-skin privilege, in other words, might not be operative if there's a red tidal wave in 2022 and 2024. One side let the other side's purported transgressions go in the name of expecting the other to follow suit. That's why Trump never bothered to indict Hillary Clinton for her various email scandals or for that matter, the creation of the Steele dossier. Now all bets are off. Hunter Biden had some very interesting things on his laptop. Maybe there will be justice.

All the same, this is how it's done in Latin America as typically each president indicts his predecessor. Nobody expected we'd take that as a how-to guide instead of a caution. But this is Joe Biden we are talking about, a man who shouldn't even be in the presidency.

Image: Screen shot from MSNBC video, via YouTube

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