Are MSNBC advertisers watching what they are sponsoring?

My guess is that MSNBC hosts know that nobody is watching them and that they have to make outrageous remarks to get attention.  At the same time, do the advertisers on these shows know what the hosts are saying about their fellow Americans?

Outrage is one thing, says Howard Stern.  Angry racism is something else.  Let's check out a couple of gems.

This is Tiffany Cross: "I find these people disgusting. ... I'm disgusted at what I'm seeing."

I guess that she's disgusted with a jury in Kenosha.  Does Miss Cross have some information that would have changed the verdict?  I'd love to see it.

Then there is Joy Reid.  She argues that Kyle Rittenhouse is a modern-day incarnation of slave catchers because both have been given "the right to inflict violence in the name of protecting property," which is "the foundation creation of" America.

She adds we need to pray for the families of those he shot.

Yes, we can pray for the families of those he shot.  Let's also say a prayer for Miss Reid, who is one angry woman.

It's amazing that venom like this is broadcast at MSNBC.  This is awful stuff that goes beyond political partisanship.  It's the kind of hatred that would get you canceled or fired if it went in the other direction.  Can you imagine anyone on the right speaking this way about the people who burned the police station in Minneapolis?

Where are the advertisers?  Maybe they are not watching Joy Reid or Tiffany Cross, either.  Few people do.

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Image: MSNBC.

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