Wokester apocalypse: Two NY lawyers plead 'guilty' in cop car firebombing

It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while, a cosseted leftist will get his comeuppance.

So here we are, with a case of two pampered young lawyers caught bombing and burning a police car as their "contribution" to the Black Lives Matter riots in New York now pleading guilty.

According to the Daily Mail:

Two New York lawyers pleaded guilty on Wednesday to federal charges for their roles in a Molotov cocktail attack targeting an NYPD vehicle during the May 2020 Black Lives Matter protests sparked by George Floyd's death.

Prosecutors said one of the lawyers, Urooj Rahman, threw a gasoline-filled bottle into an empty police vehicle, attempted to distribute Molotov cocktails to others, and then fled in a minivan driven by Colinford Mattis.

The incident came during Brooklyn protests after Floyd, a black man, was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis, sparking widespread protests against racism and police violence.

Like leftist power couple Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in years well before them, they were having a lot of fun.

Here's the lovely photo of one of these pleaded-guilty wokesters, Urooj Rahman, in action:

Image: Eastern District of New York.

Still, the conclusion is a little puzzling.  After all, aren't leftists getting off after their year-long BLM rioting spree, with charges dismissed?

One can only surmise what happened.  Perhaps the evidence was overwhelming, and their defense lawyers knew they wouldn't get a sympathetic jury in New York.  There were photos of them in action.  There were efforts by Rahman to get others to join the Molotov cocktail party.  There were text messages on a cell phone from one urging another to burn the New York police headquarters down.  It's hard to talk one's way out of evidence like that.

And perhaps the lawyers knew that the public was not being fooled.  The riots they had such fun in have since made life hell for the working classes in New York.  Crime is out of control now, and few can get hold of the cops.  Worse still for the two lawyers, they had both been beneficiaries of every affirmative action privilege and free ride academia could give them.  One of them, getaway driver Mattis, went to an Ivy League school and got a white-shoe law job.  The other, Rahman, was a denizen of non-profits "serving the poor," which, as the poor know, paid her very, very well.  They might have been in for a rough ride should their plea have gone to a New York jury, particularly in the outer boroughs, where the pro-cop voters propelling mayoral candidate Eric Adams reside.  So it was easier to plead guilty.

Perhaps, even more likely, they got word that they'd be let off easy.  They'd probably been seeing the inside of various jails since the fun and games with the Molotov cocktails, and since they were facing ten-year prison terms with the sort of people who make up Rikers Island's finest, they knew that it was going to get bleak for them if a jury called the verdict against them.  Pleading guilty might have been a bid for a smaller punishment, especially if their lawyers knew they had a judge on hand who would get them off easy, accompanied by lots of pity stories from the likes of the New York Times.

It's all fun and games for these snowflake radicals educated by wokester professors until the cell blocks clink closed.

It does highlight the larger problem of college students these days being immersed not in studies, but every kind of radicalism from their wokester professors.

In an interesting coincidence, Dohrn, who suffered few consequences for her involvement in the domestic terrorist group Weather Underground, went on to become a law professor, focusing the rest of her life on educating young people such as Rahman and Mattis, who carried on the "tradition."

Dohrn wouldn't have survived in academia with a record like hers had she not had a privileged background and fit right in with the rest of them.  That a law school could embrace her suggests that they are undoubtedly birds of a feather.  Ditto for Ayers, who went on to design schoolchildren's education and support Critical Race Theory.

And ditto in a different way for their adopted son, Chesa Boudin, who now serves as San Francisco's district attorney and lets pretty much every criminal off without consequences while focusing on charging cops with crime.  That's part and parcel of the malevolent influence of Ayers and Dohrn.  While New York is entirely left-wing, there was no Chesa Boudin in that city to simply let this pair off.

In a way, it's a pity, since had these young people been raised with values beyond wokesterism, they might have gone on to lead productive lives.  What a waste, actually.

Young people are immature and impulsive and often do stupid things.  Fill their heads with wokester tripe, and some will go off the rails in the ecstasy of revolution, riots, and destruction, as this pair obviously did.

Once off campus, their idiot ideas remain.  But the real world and its competing interests are also there, so for them, reality can hit hard.  They were looking at ten years in the hole, and apparently nobody wanted them out.  They were failed by the educational system which apparently instilled in them no values.

The empty-headedness of academia is evident in this new guerrilla video, done by filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who decided to pretend to be someone who was raising money for the Taliban on the University of California at Berkeley's elite campus.  He not only raised cash and pledges from the empty-headed wokesters filled with anti-American thinking from their professors — he didn't meet anyone who criticized him.  Horowitz says he would have been glad to have been punched in the face for that one but was chilled to find that nobody called him out.  One of them said he wanted to work with him.

Call that the Ayers and Dohrn effect on the young people, including Rahman and Mattis.

The lesson now is that woke, malevolent, and stupid is no way to go through life.

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