What happened to the pilot?

I watched the video, horrified, knowing the end of the story, yet fascinated as it unfolded.  The small plane's camera focused out the windshield, as the pilot, Dr. Sugata Das, routinely communicated with the tower.  A 64-year-old cardiologist, Das commuted between San Diego and Yuma, having piloted the flight over a hundred times.  Everything was fine last Monday.  Then, suddenly, the plane spiraled down near the Santee, California high school, out of control.  The video ended before the crash, but we know that the pilot and a UPS truck driver were killed, and the plane destroyed several houses.  Two people pulled from a burning house survived with injuries.

The investigation into what happened is underway.  Results are expected by October 26.  Everything until then is guesswork, but we do know a few things: we know that the pilot was experienced and certified and had passed rigorous medical testing and certification.

Not being a pilot, I have no idea whether the theory that he somehow became disoriented and thought up was down is plausible.  Certainly, there was no panic, no indication that the plane had a problem, per video and voice evidence.  You can hear the tower telling him he's descending, calmly asking him to go up instead.

I have an active imagination.  So, therefore, some questions.  I've thought a lot about why the pilots for our major airlines don't want to take the COVID jabs.  I'm not a medical doctor, so perhaps I'm applying my ignorance to questions I ought not to attempt to pose, but I want to do it anyway.

Let me start with a personal story.  I had a close friend, who passed away maybe ten years ago.  She died the day after returning from a family member's funeral in Greece.  She called me the day she returned, and we arranged to have lunch the next day.  She and I used to review restaurants together.  We both enjoyed trying funky, off-beat new places.

When I called her the next morning to update the meeting time since I was running late, her husband picked up.  He said two words: "She's dead!"  I was stunned.  He went on to tell me she lay down after breakfast for a nap because she was jetlagged and never woke up.  My friend, in her early 60s, wasn't in the best of health, but certainly not at death's door.

They eventually determined that a blood clot, formed after she banged her carry-on bag into her leg, had caused her death, traveling through her system to her brain caused a pulmonary embolism. It apparently killed her instantly and quietly.

I've read a lot about the effects of the jab.  How the spike protein doesn't stay in the arm it's injected into, but travels through the body; gets into the bloodstream; and moves to the lungs, heart, ovaries, etc.  Even if there are no immediate large-organ problems, the spike proteins eventually end up settling in the smallest capillaries, the "spikes" causing destruction to these delicate vessels where they settle.  We repeatedly hear about blood clots from the jab, along with myocarditis, and other heart ailments.

Given my friend's experience, I've worried, frankly, that flying with a vaccinated pilot could be dangerous.  I guess my worry is somewhat mitigated by the fact that there are always two people in the cockpit.  The co-pilot takes over if there's an emergency.

The CDC publishes a handy reference guide to blood clots and air travel.  Studies have been done, as well, of clotting after vaccination, including this study that determined that severe clots could occur with some of the vaccines, and this CDC study of thrombosis and thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) following COVID vaccination.  In both cases, J&J is cited as the causative vaccine here in the U.S.

I don't want to jump to conclusions.  We need the time and effort for rigorous scientific questioning about these possibilities.  Yet nobody's taken that time.  Forced vaccination is happening all too quickly, with all questions and worries discounted.

If the questioning part, the cause-effect studies, and the accumulation of real-time data are happening at all, it's impossible for them to keep up with the relentless drive to jab everyone.  If 86% of the 12- to 18-year-old population in my little burg is already vaccinated, as is the case, by the time actual research is accomplished to determine whether the vaccines will cause problems, it'll simply be too late.

Image: Boeing 737-700 cockpit by Ral Roletschek.  CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.

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