The news out of Loudoun County public schools keeps getting worse

Glenn Reynolds has said for many years that putting children in public school is a form of child abuse.  Events in Virginia's Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) prove his point.

Earlier this week, the bombshell news was that Scott Smith, the father who, for the left, became the poster child for alleged "domestic terrorism" at school board meetings, was upset because the school board and superintendent were denying his daughter's sexual assault at Stone Bridge high school, and refused to let him speak of it, after which an activist parent allegedly accused him of lying and threatened to destroy him.  Now Luke Rosiak, who broke that first story, is back with the news that LCPS has failed at least twice to record sexual assaults, despite being legally required to do so.

As before, Rosiak's report is long and detailed, so I can't do it justice here.  However, here are the high points: under Virginia law, "Reports shall be made to the division superintendent and to the principal or his designee on all incidents involving ... sexual assault."

The Daily Wire asked LCPS if it had statistics on sexual assaults at the school.  The director of communications stonewalled, saying student information is confidential — although, of course, raw numbers don't mean breaching students' privacy.  However, as noted, LCPS must file a report with the Virginia Department of Education identifying sexual assaults — and that's true even if, although the police are called, arrests aren't made during the school year itself.

Even though Smith's daughter was assaulted in May 2021, LCPS claimed that there had been zero sexual assaults at Stone Bridge High School during the 2020–2021 school year.  That's not the first time LCPS has reported "zero" when the news showed a sexual assault on school grounds.

In October 2018, three football players at Tuscorara High School were arrested and charged with sexual assault after using objects to sodomize a younger boy.  The story was so big that it hit the local media — but LCPS still reported zero sexual assaults for that year to the state Department of Education.

Rosiak also introduces facts indicating that the superintendent and the school board were lying about whether they knew of the assault on Smith's daughter.  During the meeting at which Smith was arrested, the superintendent explicitly denied that any sexual assaults occurred at Stone Bridge High.

However, on the day of the assault, the Stone Bridge principal put out a notice about an "incident" at the school.  He was talking about calling the police on an understandably upset Smith, but that memo should be seen as putting the superintendent on notice, giving reason to suspect his honesty in denying knowledge of a sexual assault.

Additionally, on Wednesday, in response to public pressure after Rosiak's original story broke, LCPS issued a statement saying that "members of the Loudoun County School Board were not aware of the specific details of this incident until it was reported in media outlets earlier this week." 

The claim that board members first learned about the assault because of Rosiak's report this past week is probably untrue as well.  Rosiak points out that a local paper published an article in August about Smith's appearance in court — because the Soros-bought prosecutor, who's a fan of de-incarceration, was determined to put Smith in jail.

In that article, Smith's lawyer is quoted saying Smith's attendance at the fateful board meeting arose because of "an alleged assault of an immediate family member inside a bathroom by a person identifying as gender fluid."  It's hard to believe that not a single board member knew about either the prosecution against Smith or that article.  Sure, it's possible, but it doesn't seem likely.

But the news about Loudoun County doesn't stop there.  Beth Barts, a far-left school board member, has resigned.  A fierce advocate for Critical Race Theory and transgender madness, Barts rose to prominence because she was involved in a Facebook group called "Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County," which collected information on local parents who oppose CRT.  Barts is the subject of a petition to remove her from the board, so she may have recognized that her days are numbered.

Additionally, the superintendent, Scott Ziegler, apologized for "failing to protect" Smith's daughter.  But, like a typical leftist, despite admitting fault, it's a "sorry not sorry" situation because he's refused to resign.  Parents will undoubtedly keep up the pressure.

All I can say is that I'm not surprised to learn about accusations of corruption.  Leftists have no fixed moral points.  Their morality is that their ends justify all their means — and the ends are always pure power.  It's to be hoped that parent activism in Loudoun and elsewhere across America starts making them rethink this approach.

Image: The Loudoun County school board.  YouTube screen grab.

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