There is still time to turn Virginia completely red

Fortuitously, Virginia is having a statewide election for both its Executive Branch and all seats in its Legislative Branch.

The Virginia state Republican Party is not conceding any ground in either contest arena, vowing to make sure it has a full slate of candidates.

Much attention has been focused on the effective campaign of the impressive teams for state executive leadership positions — gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, as well as his fellow Marine (Semper Fi!) Winsome Sears for lieutenant governor and Jason Miyares for attorney general, whose lineage is of family courage against the murderous Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. 

But there also is still time for all Republican legislative candidates to get elected in sufficient numbers to put a full stop to Democrat laws that put our schoolchildren at great risk.  Having two daughters who graduated from a public high school in Fairfax County, as a voter, I feel that something must be done, especially in light of the nasty breaking story about local officials reportedly engaging in an illegal cover-up of credible allegations of sexual assault in neighboring Loudoun County.

To put it bluntly, Virginia voters must simply vote across the state to throw the bums out — oops, can I still say "bums"?  How about "foolish socially engineering know-it-all Democrats"?  There, better.

Insightful reporting by Luke Rosiak captures the dynamic state of play of horrific sexual assaults in Loudoun County and a massive bureaucratic cover-up from the local to the state level occurring concurrently with the arrest of a distraught father, Scott Smith.

As Loudoun schools sought to pass a controversial transgender policy in June, it concealed that a 9th-grade girl was allegedly raped by a "gender fluid" student in a school bathroom just 3 weeks prior, The Daily Wire has learned.

Smith was seeking accountability and justice for his daughter, who was sexually assaulted on school property, when he was physically assaulted by Loudoun law enforcement at a school board meeting.  The anguish of what happened to his daughter and his family by Loudoun County power players, school board members, school bureaucrats, and sheriff-driven law enforcement is simply abhorrent.

Out of this horrific tragedy comes a moment of brilliant clarity in which Scott Smith cuts through all the virtue-signaling cant and BS in today's Virginia: 

"I don't care if he's homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, transsexual.  He's a sexual predator," Smith said of his daughter's attacker.

He is so correct, because, as he points out, the issue for all, regardless of sexual orientation is being protected from sexual predators.  Agenda-driven distinctions and cover-ups enrage the public.  Just ask the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts about it.  Furtherance of any agenda must always first and foremost begin with the protection of the individual.

One antidote to this official indifference, which would serve to protect children from sexual predators regardless of age, is vigilant law enforcement backed by appropriate laws that demand accountability.  The disinfecting beneficial effects of media sunlight inside a legally structured system to protect innocents is a good step forward.

Deputy Editor Andrea Widburg, writing in American Thinker, followed up on Luke Rosiak's reporting and got it so right:

The news out of Loudoun County public schools keeps getting worse

Smith's daughter was assaulted in May 2021, LCPS claimed that there had been zero sexual assaults at Stone Bridge High School during the 2020-2021 school year. That's not the first time LCPS has reported "zero" when the news showed a sexual assault on school grounds.

In October 2018, three football players at Tuscorara High School were arrested and charged with sexual assault after using objects to sodomize a younger boy. The story was so big it hit the local media—but LCPS still reported zero sexual assaults for that year to the state Department of Education.

Virginia Democrats controlling both legislative bodies with a provably inept political hack governor could not have picked a worse time to water down state laws intended to protect innocent children.

Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly voted for — and Governor Ralph Northam signed — a law allowing schools to refrain from reporting instances of sexual battery, stalking, violation of a protective order, and violent threats occurring on school property in 2020.

§ 22.1-279.3:1 of Virginia code had required that these, among a number of other major crimes, be reported to law enforcement if they occurred on campus. Democrats insisted that misdemeanors be extirpated from reporting requirements in House Bill 257, replacing the word "criminal" with "felony" in the code.

In a stunning exchange between legislators in the House of Delegates last year, Todd Gilbert, the Republican Leader in the body, asked Delegate Mike Mullen "did I hear correctly that you would not have to report sexual battery to law enforcement any longer if we accept these amendments?"

"I would answer the minority leader that he is not hard of hearing, and that he is asking me to repeat this over again even though he heard it the first time," responded Mullen, the bill's sponsor.

The issue of sexual assault against schoolchildren should transcend partisan politics.

However, the Democrats with full control of the state of Virginia failed in their most sacred trust.  All voters should look at their record of failure and vote to give the Republican Party a chance to correct such Democrat misguided foolishness. 

Image: Screen shot from FOX5 Washington, D.C. video posted on YouTube.

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