The WaPo channels Jimmy Carter

By AZ Buck

Contributing Washington Post writer Micheline Maynard says, "Don't rant about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes.  Try to lower your expectations."

This piece of work made me think of the quagmire we lived under during the Jimmy Carter administration.  He essentially said the same things during his "Fireside Chats" and with such a defeatist attitude.  Maybe it was because he didn't want to figure it out.  Mostly, I believe, he couldn't assemble a team to tackle the issues of the day because he was a Keynesian follower and most of his staff didn't have a clue what to do.  Even as a high school student and undergrad, this was crystal-clear to me.

Who doesn't remember the Jimmy Carter administration for complete ineptitude?  If you lived through those years, you remember high unemployment, day-long waits in line to fill your gas tank along with higher fuel prices, rampant inflation, record interest rates upwards of 18% on home mortgages, our nation held hostage by OPEC, and American hostages being held by Iranian revolutionaries.

Every item above was a direct result of the foolish policies enacted by his administration and his cadre of Ivy League intellectuals.  The Carter administration turned the USA into a rusted hulk that just 35 years prior led the Allies through WWII, then rebuilt much of Europe, Japan, and all the South Sea nations.

Joe Biden Is Jimmy Carter 2.0

As I watch the Biden administration, not a day goes by that they don't make the same mistakes as the Carter administration on the employment front, the supply chain, the international policy blunders, social engineering, and...well, the list is too long to mention everything here.

Why must this administration, like prior Democrat administrations, employ the stick rather than the carrot to move our country forward to solve problems?  Lifetime Democrat politicians and bureaucrats, AKA socialists / Marxists / communists, always make the same mistakes again and again, thinking they can mandate their agenda and their policies will magically work.

Shaking your skinny finger at me won't get me to participate.  After all, if your policies are so strong, you shouldn't have to mandate participation.  Only the better processes and ideas that free-market capitalism develops will result in moving the needle for me and for many Americans.

As the incompetent Biden administration steers the ship toward the recessionary iceberg, I am again reminded of Jimmy Carter.  I can see in my mind the diminutive man, literally and figuratively, telling me to put on a sweater and sit closer to the fire because we had lost the energy war to OPEC, lost our auto industry to Japan, and we should just accept those facts.  That image reminds me of Joe clutching his binder and looking lost during our not so glorious exit from Afghanistan.

I also remember well when presidential candidate Ronald Reagan spoke at the University of Akron, and I was fortunate enough to get a seat at that event.  Ronny wasn't going to let the USA be just a footnote in history.  He reminded us that our best days were in front of us, and he was 100% right.  Who will be that next Ron Reagan?  That person will help the USA rise from the incompetence of the Biden era.

Micheline, enjoy another huge Zingerman's corned beef sandwich with a latke by the fire, and let the "real adults" show you how it's done!

Go, Bucks!

AZ Buck is a pseudonym.

Image: Jimmy Carter’s energy crisis speech.  YouTube screen grab.

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