The top item on the ruling leftist elite's agenda: obedience

Why does the left like and protect Muslims?  For a feminist, anti-religion, gay- and transgender-friendly cadre like the ruling leftist elite, the love affair with Islam is a mystery.  And why is it forcing us to pretend Islam is a "religion of peace"?  Many individual Muslims are indeed peaceful, but their faith, inherently, is not.

Similarly, why does the left so vehemently push vaccination when it's been less than a year since Kamala and Brandon said they'd never submit to taking a Trump-generated vaccine?  If forced vaccination were about stamping out COVID, where's Colin Powell?  If it's about following the science — as the diminutive, double-speaking, and Napoleonic troll Lord Fauci would have us believe — then why is a vaccine that is in short supply worldwide being (forcibly) wasted on those with natural immunity?

The answer to those questions may partly lie with that old truism, "follow the money."  And here I don't just mean the Big Pharma money.  Think bigger.  Think about the political persuasion of those likely to be most averse to forced vaccination.  Might 90% of them be Trump-supporters?

How better to impoverish an entire political spectrum than offer it unemployment if it decides to exert its constitutional rights over its own body?  The United States never needed a KGB and Gulag to police its errant citizenry.  Far better to sic the IRS on them and impoverish them into harmlessness.  Even better — get their corporate (or nonprofit) woke employers to do a tyrannical government's work.  But it gets better.  Much better.

Implement that draconian mandate on your police and military.  Force out the more freedom-loving members of both sectors.  After all, when it comes to the police, the left has been working for more than a year to demoralize decent and competent police officers through the national defunding pogrom and stand-down orders.

But to what end is this push to end law and order?  Ask yourself if the left elite — a very wealthy left elite (think Zuckerberg, Gates, Dorsey, Bezos, Soros, as well as your woke brother-in-law with three homes) — will long tolerate a raging mob at the walls of their estates?  Likely not.

So the left isn't against police; it's against the currently populated police.  Our police.  The left feverishly wants its police, in the same way all totalitarians want to replace the regular police with their own ideological, weaponized forces.  Coming soon to a town or suburb near you is a police force that will allow rioters to steal from you...or worse.

You can't have a police state without police.  And you can't have police like Eliot Ness or Dick Tracy.  You need policemen like Robespierre or Mao's Red Guard.  Then you can really enact your agenda.  So too with the military.

With the left, you need to always look two moves ahead, as in chess.  We need to discern their moves and then counter them with a vengeance and immovability that they never dreamed of.

We are in the latter half of the seventh inning in the left's long takedown of what we knew as America.  This subversion is over a hundred years in its evolution, so don't be surprised — or overawed — by its power.  What we need now is a quiet internal implacability.  We need to fight the left in every manifestation with total but below-the-radar ferocity.

When you become understandably demoralized, reflect on this: I have heard that the Japanese Imperial Army in its official records maintained that invading the continental U.S. in the 1940s would be exceedingly difficult (compared to other countries) because so many Americans owned firearms and had a long tradition of using them.

My point here is not to urge armed rebellion; indeed, anything but that.  Instead, it is to remind you of America's long history of tenacious, unyielding individualism and constitutional reverence.  We need to reacquire that willingness to stand for what's right and the refusal to walk away from our principles as we now deal with a foe much more cunning and entrenched than the Japanese Imperial Army ever was at its height.

Image: The Spirit of '76 by Archibald MacNeal Willard.  Public domain.

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