Sometimes it pays to have a vacuum at the top

I remember when my dad, a high-powered New York attorney and senior partner in a large, prestigious law firm, started losing it.  As his Alzheimer's progressed, he could no longer track the work he'd done all his life.  His firm was wonderful to him.  After 60+ years there, he kept his office, staff, and status and was given the opportunity to gather the youths of his department around him, to reminisce and tell teaching stories from his professional life.  He was never made to feel useless, but others took over the real work.

Dad joined his firm right after he graduated from Columbia Law, back in the early 1930s.  I was told about his last years there by a now mature member of that group of bright young associates.  I can imagine what it must have been like because my dad had accomplished things worth crowing about, but I doubt he'd ever bragged about them.  He finally stopped going to work when he could no longer find his way to the office, about a 20-block walk from home.  He always walked to work unless the weather was truly awful.

The one thing his firm didn't do was leave him in charge of the department.  He was no longer capable of tackling intelligent analysis of problems, then coming to decisive conclusions that made sense.  His firm had a fiduciary duty to the client base to reassign the real work to those capable of doing it properly.  They couldn't leave a vacuum at the top.

The Democrat powers that be are not acting responsibly in their fiduciary duty to us citizens.  They relish having no responsible person at the helm.  That way, we can't really come after anyone who can answer the hard questions.  We know that the stuff coming out of Biden's mouth is not first being processed by his brain, that he has no real comprehension of what he's saying, nor can he track his heavy-handed policies' real effects.  He is a face with a mouth, and just enough brain matter left to follow the prompter most of the time, or tell a rambling, part-true story on occasion.  They can hide behind him — and do so.

I wonder whether, if Joe understood the societal harm he's doing, he'd be horrified.  What would he say if he was aware he was being used so disrespectfully when he ought to be sitting by the fireside, telling stories about his glorious imagined past with Corn Pop and chains, civil rights marches, and Ukrainian presidents?

I wonder how his wife, Jill, can stand doing her job of propping him up.  She seems a bit power-mad herself, basking in the glory of his nominal presidency.

It's awfully convenient, says the cynic in me, to have a power vacuum at the top.  It appears to work for the Executive Branch, and, certainly, there's no meaningful protest from Congress, even from the Republicrats, so it seems to be OK with them, too.  An awful lot is being "accomplished" under his "leadership," after all!  I won't diss you by retreading through the litany; you know it all.  Let's just say that the tyranny of low expectations is quite real.

It's so convenient that they are even reusing the concept at the Cabinet level.  Pete Buttigieg is on leave?  Oh.  His second in command is working on the supply chain issue.  Who is that?  Umm...nobody seems to know, at least that was the comment on Fox News's Martha MacCallum show.

The border?  Kamala the-un-present is "in charge" — or is she?  They've managed to relieve her of any meaningful workload; maybe a good thing, given she's obviously also incompetent.  Her judgment is clearly awful, or she'd never have made that video about space where she talked down to child actors, which was beyond cringe-worthy.

They certainly don't have to worry about her looking better than Joe.  Our expectations of the competency of our vice president have been so lowered that nobody can expect more than an occasional cackle from her at this point.

The question is, who's pulling the puppet strings in the background?  While there are many theories, a surreptitious third term for Obama, where he can accomplish all his nefarious intentions to fundamentally change America, seems likely.  Certainly, his erstwhile lackeys are playing prominent parts in the administration.

They're putting old stalwarts like Garland, Rice, and Mayorkas out front to shield Biden from any scrutiny.  The interesting thing will be (if we can hold on that long) whether they are held to account after the midterms, falling on their swords for the cause.

Of course, the only way that can happen is if we have a free and fair election and throw enough of the bums out to do what's right.  I'm sure they're counting on that not happening.  I'd say, therefore, that the most important thing we can do is to make sure it does.

Image: The vacuum at the top by Andrea Widburg.

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