Marjorie Taylor Greene takes on the RINO elites

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) speaks frankly and on the record.  At the end of Rep. Greene's phoner to me (honoring a commitment given me the day before by Nick Dyer, her press secretary), she said she was "shocked and disgusted" that Rep. Liz Cheney had not been "kicked out" of the House Republican conference.  Rep. Greene added that she sees it as a "sign of weakness" that "they" (Rep. Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger) have not been ousted from the Republican conference.

I spoke with the congresswoman as part of my quest for a reaction from House Republicans to the Cheney fundraiser reportedly organized in Dallas by former president George W. Bush.  As it turned out, Greene was the only House Republican who would speak to me about the fundraiser, seen by the Dallas Morning News as an "anti-Trump" gathering.

While the media provided some fanfare when the Cheney event was announced, September 22, the lack of immediate news reports on the fundraiser makes one wonder if the secrecy tradition of Yale's Skull and Bones — Pres. Bush is a member — was applied to this anti-Trump event.  For example, the invitation said the location of the fundraiser would be given when the invitee returned it, with, presumably, the admission charge of either $5,800, or $2,900, or $1,000 (a photo op going with the two higher-priced donations).  (Perhaps Karl Rove, who has a weekly Wall Street Journal column and was a co-host, will tell his readers about the fundraiser, provided, of course, that he wasn't sworn to secrecy.)

Asked about the role of Bush in the Cheney event, Greene told me that Bush has aligned himself with Democrats, including former presidents Clinton and Obama.  He is "not conservative" and has "abandoned the [Republican] party."  Greene indicated that the anti-Trump people "don't realize what the party is," adding, "They do really support Democrats; they clearly like Democrats more than Republicans."

Congresswoman Green sees Republican elitists and Democrat elitists as "all the same people."  "The reason they hate Trump," she told me, is "because he exposed all of them.  The American people see through it."  

Rep. Greene (also known as "MTG"), in indirect criticism of the Pelosi panel on "Jan. 6," said President Trump "had nothing to do with the riot."  I pointed out that the New York Times prior to January 6 called Pres. Trump a grave threat to American democracy.  Congresswoman Greene said the left hopes that if it issues enough lies, the American people will believe them.  She is confident, however, that Americans will see through the left's lies and remarked that all it takes are "people of courage" to confront the left. 

The story on the Cheney fundraiser in the Dallas Morning News wrote of an "irreparable chasm" between former president Bush and former president Trump.  My conversation with Congresswoman Greene left me with the impression that she sees the Bushies as being on the wrong side of history.

Image: U.S. Congress.

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