Must-see TV: Devastating video of shifting narrative on COVID vax

I wish I could find out who created the two-plus-minute video embedded below.  It contains no identification.  Sean Hannity posted it to his Rumble account and stated that it came from Twitter, but I've been unable to locate it there or find a credit to its creator anywhere else.

Whoever put it together understands the short attention span of many people and the power of rapid cuts from image to image, resulting in a powerful cumulative impression.  It begins with the confident claims of vaccine efficacy from Fauci and others.  With familiar music from Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite in the background, as the tempo increases, the speed of the images follows, perfectly synchronized with the music, as published claims of vaccine efficacy plunge from 100% and headlines about side-effects and other problems flash by.  Fauci's visage, confidently endorsing the vaccines, reappears, taking on a Big Brotherish aspect, almost comically sticking to his story as reality in the headlines contradicts his propaganda pronouncements.

Argumentation in the video idiom of the MTV generation.

As Sundance comments:

[T]he effectiveness of this video is enhanced because the producer doesn’t use opinion to drive home the point. The central assertion of vaccines being ineffective is proven in their own words and media statements during the course of only ten months.  A masterful video.

This is well worth your two minutes:

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