Let’s go, Brandon! (Brandon Straka, that is.)

Brandon Straka is a hairdresser who finally had it with the modern Democrat party’s lunacy. He put up on Facebook a video in which he described his decision to “walk away” from the Dems—and so the viral #WalkAway movement was born. On January 6, Brandon Straka found himself standing on the Capitol grounds. He did not go into the Capitol, foment violence, or engage in violence. Nevertheless, he was arrested and charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor. On Wednesday, Straka pled guilty to the misdemeanor and walked away from the rest. It was still overcharging but it’s a decent outcome and a symbolic one.

Straka matters because he has proven to be enormously successful when it comes to explaining to people who are reflexively Democrat (gays, women, and minorities) that the Democrat party is abusing them and taking them for granted. He helps them see that their economic circumstances had improved enormously under Trump and that the authoritarianism and race, sexuality, and gender hatred Democrats had promised Trump would institute never happened.

You can tell how successful Straka was if you look at the Wikipedia page for his #WalkAway campaign—keeping in mind that Wikipedia’s co-founder has walked away from his creation because it’s become a left-wing propaganda machine.

The whole page is one giant attack against Straka. The third sentence states “[The #WalkAway campaign] was noted and criticized for using viral marketing methods of gathering support, by counterfeiting a popular movement of people who have left the party.” Look for the specifics supporting this attack and there are none; just accusations and innuendo.

No wonder Biden’s DOJ wanted to get Straka into prison or otherwise destroy his reputation. That’s how the ludicrous overcharging came about.

And again, to appreciate just how bad it was, remember that the DOJ was content to do nothing when it came to Antifa activists nightly attacking a federal courthouse (setting the building on fire, and throwing rocks, frozen water bottles, and feces at federal law enforcement officers, as well as trying to blind them with lasers). The DOJ was equally uninterested in prosecuting the Antifa and BLM activists who conspired across state lines to engage in mass destruction and violence in American cities.

But Brandon Straka, who shows up on the Capitol grounds and states his political convictions—that’s a dangerous felon in Biden’s America.

Given the unequal application of the law, it’s a travesty that Brandon even had to plead guilty to a Class B misdemeanor. However, as I remarked to someone who became outraged on his behalf, conservatives are people with real lives and real jobs who must get on with those lives and jobs. That’s why they take plea bargains to get a slap on the hand for crimes they didn’t commit.

What’s especially beautiful about Brandon now being a free man is that we can say “Brandon was let go,” or “Let go, Brandon!”

For those who missed the news, last week a young man named Brandon Brown won a NASCAR event. When Kelli Stavast, an NBC reporter was interviewing him, the crowd in the background could clearly be heard chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” In an attempt to gaslight NBC’s audience, Stavast said “You can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go, Brandon.’”

That was such an obvious lie that those who oppose Biden (and the number seemingly grows daily) instantly latched onto the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon,” because they all know it means F*** Joe Biden. Thus, “Let’s go, Brandon” is popping up everywhere: At Chicago’s O’Hare, where a wit had “Lesgo Brandon” paged; in interviews with middle-aged men in South Carolina; and as a polite alternative to the more straightforward, but vulgar, Joe Biden chant:

There was even a plane trailing the message at Trump’s Iowa rally:

And if you want swag, search up “Let’s go, Brandon.” I just ordered the t-shirt.

I’m sure no one today appreciates the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon” more than Brandon Straka, who paid more of a price than he should, considering that he did nothing wrong, but has still managed to walk away from a vicious, partisan prosecution so that he can get back to organizing voters to oppose Democrats in the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections.

Image: Brandon Straka (edited in befunky). YouTube screen grab.

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