NBC reporter tries to gaslight ‘F*** Joe Biden’ chant in real time

The disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal was the moment when the curtain was drawn back on Biden’s presidency and everyone saw the incompetent, duplicitous, cruel man in charge. Behind that same curtain, they saw the architect of an open border (with 400,000 illegal aliens expected this month), skyrocketing inflation, draconian mask mandates, intentional racial divisions, and more. No wonder chants of “F*** Joe Biden” suddenly swept stadiums and concerts. The media, though, are still covering for Joe, and nothing shows that more perfectly than an NBC reporter’s real-time effort to gaslight viewers about the “F*** Joe Biden” chant at NASCAR.

On Saturday, Brandon Brown, a relatively young driver, got his first win at the Talladega track when darkness meant the race was called with five laps still left. During a post-race interview, Brown expressed joy and gratitude. Good for him!

Also during his post-race interview with NBC, the NASCAR crowd expressed its discontent with Joe Biden. Over and over in the background of the NBC video you hear the now-familiar four-beat cadence of “F*** Joe Biden.”

Whether spontaneously or because she was getting frantic messages through her earpiece, the flustered reporter interviewing Brown tried to assure viewers that they weren’t actually hearing what they were hearing. Instead, she folds her gaslighting version into the introduction to the question she was asking the ebullient Brown: “Brandon, you also told me...as you can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go, Brandon’...Brandon, you told me....”

Uh, no. That’s not what you can hear from the crowd:

This is not the Yanny versus Laurel debate. You remember that one, right?

Nor is it a question of whether the dress is white and gold or blue and black:

When it comes to that NASCAR chant, there is no ambiguity. There is no different brain filtering going on here. There is only an NBC reporter who thinks that people are so deferential to whatever the media say that they will actually buy the claim that “F*** Joe Biden” is indistinguishable from “Let’s go, Brandon.”

The funny thing is that, if the reporter had kept her mouth shut, this would have been just another in a list of events at which the anti-Biden chant is heard. Amusing for a moment but not a stand-out. Eventually, the chant won’t be news anymore and it may start dying out.

However, by deliberately lying, the reporter showed that the media will do anything to protect Biden from the deserved ridicule and even hatred he’s receiving for his awful conduct, all of which hurts America and Americans. Faced with this gaslighting, I fully expect people in all sorts of venues to double down on the Biden abuse to make it quite clear to the media what they’re really saying.

Image: NASCAR fans chanting the chant. Twitter screen grab.

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