How does a Great Reset get accomplished?

Can’t they see what is going on?  I ask this question daily when I wake up and the normies around me pretend that if we jump through our designated hoops, life will go back to normal, only a new normal.  The term typically used to describe that which shall not be mentioned is the elephant in the room.  The Great Reset is that elephant.

What is the Great Reset?  It is a global campaign to consolidate control over economies and governments under a single umbrella, and it's on the agenda.  Under the guise of addressing the pandemic, or climate change, or inequality, or any other number of maladies, the public is sold the only workable solution: the Great Reset.

Last week, my family and I went by a local fast food joint for dinner at 7 P.M. on a Saturday.  The kitchen was so backed up that they had to close the dining room and cut off food orders while we were inside.  The fast-casual restaurant next door was already closed at 5 P.M.  I'm not an expert in the restaurant industry, but I did do a tour of waiting tables while in college, and I know that closing a restaurant at dinner time on a Saturday due to labor shortages is a very bad thing.  These labor shortages are pervasive across hourly wage establishments.

Our current labor predicament didn't arise out of nowhere.  This labor shortage could happen in a market with maximum employment, which we saw during the Trump administration.  Contrived lockdowns due to the pandemic saw Mom and Pop shuttered while the essential labor base was abused by overworking and underpaying.  Those who were on the cusp of retirement, as were many truck drivers, punched out for good.  Those who flipped burgers and worked the registers got to watch the "unessential" labor force get bonused to sit at home and "work" over a screen in their underwear.  Ask Brian Stelter or Jeffrey Toobin about it.

The impetus of this global manufactured crisis is that skilled laborers who maxed out on their compensation are squeezed from the labor pool, either directly with vaccine mandates or indirectly with unworkable conditions.  Meanwhile, entry-level laborers are promoted to fill their shoes at a discount.  The result is a dearth of labor in the hourly and entry-level wage pool.  This is where mass immigration comes in.

It is no secret that the Biden administration has seemingly turned a blind eye to the border crisis while calling for waves of migrants to surge the border.  Companies like Domino's Pizza that saw their profits skyrocket in the wake of forced lockdowns have gleefully complied in their calls for mass migration to staff their chains.  This is a win-win scenario for Democrats.  They can backfill the entry-level wage positions and grow their voter base with a fresh bloc of dependent voters.

Similarly, massive backlogs of ships line our shores as they await product off-loading at ports.  A perfect storm of stimulus dollars driving demand for goods and inflation, in conjunction with an exiting workforce of truckers, has left a logjam of container ships in places like California.  And where is the Biden administration?  Sitting at home with transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg on month three of paternity leave.

The Great Reset is no conspiracy.  Proponents told us what they were doing at the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and more.  From John Kerry to Al Gore to Joe Biden's own campaign slogan, Build Back Better, U.S. politicians have advertised their implicit participation in this global movement to hijack capitalism in the name of global societal planning.

The way in which they will arrive at this reset requires the collapse of the old system.  That is why you're seeing massive inflation, global supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages.  The Biden administration does little to address the underwhelming economic performance that we have seen quarter over quarter and instead pushes forward with policies like national vaccine mandates that exacerbate our economic circumstances.

How is a conservative to respond to all of this?  There is a certain amount of inevitability to our economic circumstances.  The amount of debt and money pumped into our system in response to COVID-19 portends an impending financial crisis.  At some point, you have to pay the piper. What is within our control is who gets a say when the correction comes.  If there is any legitimacy left to our electoral system, perhaps we vote better in 2022?  Given the Republican silence to date, that may not be enough.

Image: Tim Mossholder via Unsplash.

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