What is wrong with Kamala?

The vice president of the United States spoke yesterday at the brand-new Northeast Bronx YMCA, promoting the so-called infrastructure bill that actually would transform the economy into dependence on unreliable "green" power and the populace into unsustainable financial dependence on borrowed money from the U.S. Treasury.

But forget about the substance, bad as it is, and focus on her behavior at the podium, which was, frankly, bizarre enough to suggest that something is deeply wrong.

Watch her arms in this clip.  It's only 26 seconds long, so I recommend watching it first with the sound off.  Watching a second time with the sound on does nothing to ameliorate the utter weirdness: 

Then, watch this second clip, only 11 seconds long, with the sound on and tell me her affect — as she botches a scripted line about "eating 'no' for breakfast," presumably meaning she doesn't get discouraged — is that of a normal human being.

Does the vice president suffer from a physical ailment, such as Bell's Palsy, that we have not been informed of?

A reader emails astute speculation on what else could be going on:

Is she on drugs?

Is she a nervous wreck?

Is she an empty suit who has no soul?

Is she trying too hard and falling flat on her face?

With President Biden's disastrous town hall appearance the previous evening and Harris the spare tire in the trunk, things are looking grim indeed for the Republic.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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