Biden exposes himself on national TV

Last night, CNN held an invitation-only "town hall" for Biden in Baltimore.  The audience was beyond friendly, the questions were obviously vetted, and Anderson Cooper was there to hold Biden's hand.  And still, as the RNC's Twitter feed reveals, Biden repeatedly showcased his weirdness, incipient dementia, inability to lead, and sheer heartlessness.  No wonder only 27% of likely voters are confident that, Biden is up to the job.

I must be honest here: I didn't watch the town hall.  I doubt many did.  However, the good people at RNC Research did watch, and the clips they shared are illuminating.

What caught everyone's attention was the moment when Biden combined his creepy whisper with the "White supremacy symbol."  And yes, I know that was a 4Chan hoax, but leftists have used it to go after multiple innocent people, everyone from Navy cadets to Hispanic truck drivers to firefighters to Brett Kavanaugh–supporting lawyers.  I doubt they'll go after the one who has a long history of racism and hanging out with White supremacists.

One of the weirdest moments was Biden standing there with his elbows bent and fists clenched as Anderson Cooper talked to him.  Did he think he was skiing?  Driving a car?  Pooping in his Depends?  It was certainly disturbing to see the guy with the nuclear telephone standing like that for almost 20 seconds:

At one point, Biden spoke out loud what everyone else was thinking: "What am I doing here?" he asked.  He was trying to remember "Long Beach," a name that should be at the forefront of his brain, given the supply chain disaster playing out along California's coast.  Anderson Cooper dutifully stepped in to help, although he was also unable to explain what Biden was doing there:

Occasionally, Biden's well-honed political instincts kicked in, and he made a coherent statement — coherent but completely dishonest.  Thus, he claimed that people are doing better economically under him because wages are up.  He forgot to add that inflation is keeping up with and even exceeding wages.  People are still underpaid, and those on fixed incomes will soon go under:

Having done everything possible to destroy America's thriving, self-reliant oil industry, which was bringing prices down and allowing America to become an exporter, Biden confessed that he has no idea how to fix prices.  I have an idea: reverse all your executive orders.  That should do the trick.

Biden — a man who skips town every weekend to hang out in his Delaware house — announced that he hasn't "had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down" to the border to see the chaos and crime down there.  For a man who has a plane at his beck and call, his excuses rang hollow:

The two worst moments came when Biden didn't even think twice about saying that all first responders who refuse vaccinations should be fired and that those who refuse the vaccination are killing people.  He seems immune to the concept that if the vaccines worked as promised, those who take them wouldn’t be "killed."  More importantly, America's COVID mortality rate is a low 1.6%, a number heavily skewed to those over 80.  Furthermore, even that number is probably artificially inflated, both through overcounting and refusing to treat people until they're at death's door:

As you can see, in Biden-land, "freedom" is a dirty word:

I will never let go of my doubts about Biden's having honestly obtained 81 million votes.  To believe that, I must believe that 81 million of my fellow Americans are so twisted, ideologically damaged, and stupid that they would vote for Joe, Biden.  I prefer to think better of my fellow Americans.

(In honor of International Pronouns Day, I will share my daily pronouns with you for a week or until I get bored.  Today, my pronouns are "Transgenderism = mental illness" and "chihuahua."  If you're saying they make no sense, that's the point.)

Image: Joe Biden making fists. Twitter screen grab.

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