Dems double down on election misdeeds

Some Republicans roll their eyes regarding Trump’s ongoing efforts to prove claims that massive election fraud won Biden the presidential election. They shouldn’t.  Even if Trump never forces accountability, it is imperative to broadcast vast pushback to perceived Democrat political hijinks.  After all, the corporate media’s focus on Trump’s “mean tweets,” ofttimes crude objectification of women, incessant bragging, refusal to hew to the DC playbook, and Covid gave them the cover to mostly ignore his systemic greatness.  

Trump crashed through the bureaucracy and for a while successfully diminished its reach; then the bureaucracy viciously smashed back.  

.Despite Republican squish and betrayal, they have made a huge miscalculation in failing to heed Trump’s repeated warning:   the Democrats weren’t just after him -- they are after us -- all of us.  

The Democrats have an ugly and off-putting social history. Along with ownership of and membership in the wretched KKK, Obama heightened divisive racial conflict.  Hillary Clinton called conservatives, patriots, and religious Americans “a basket of deplorables.”  Biden has furthered anti-American trash talk by weaponizing the bureaucracies and ominously setting the FBI against parents who reject the odious critical race theory and untrue intersectionality memes being taught in government schools.

Equally horrific is the sudden withholding of organ transplants from the unvaccinated. And yet we have the moral chutzpah to criticize  China’s purported organ harvesting?

Pennsylvania is one of the election fraud suspect states and, as a long-time elected committee and state committeewoman, I personally witnessed many bona fide acts of fraud - previously chronicled in American Thinker articles.   

Paraphrasing President Ronald  Reagan: there they go again. 

The election fraud accusations, replete with documented proof that somethings happened in many somewheres, have not reached critical mass or gained serious resolution.   Accordingly, the Democrats have not just successfully tarnished the last presidential election, they have also set a marker for other bad political actors to follow.  And follow they have. 

In my hapless Democrat-saturated Montgomery County, the Democrat-run Board of Elections recently announced they had sent out 16,000 mail-in-ballots.  However, their vendor, experiencing a ‘computer glitch,’ had ‘forgotten’ to print the backs of the ballots.  The Board canceled the 16,000 irregular ballots.  However, they did not call for a recall.  Instead, a second batch of mail-in ballots will be distributed to the same recipients.  

The Democrats have also set up at least ten stand-alone unmanned drop boxes in which voters can deposit their ballots.  These boxes blatantly circumvent legal voter accountability requirements but follow the Democrats’ impromptu Covid-induced shenanigans implemented in the last election cycle. 

The contrasts between Trump and Biden are heart-rending.  Trump loved America.   He embraced the American people and worked like a man on a mission to improve all sectors.  Biden is sequestered from the American people and enjoys truncated workdays and ice cream cones.  He has aligned with the most radical progressives of the Democrat party, thereby accepting critical race theory, anti-Semitism, harmful educational memes, and a decided anti-American stance.  

Pre-Covid, President Trump fostered a rollicking national economy, focused on good-paying jobs, and delivered.  Against all the naysayers, he implemented the Abraham Accords between Israel and multiple Arab nations. He opened the American Embassy in Jerusalem.  He worked arduously to defend our Southern border with Mexico.  His policies created an energy-independent, free America.  Moreover, he saved countless American lives by allowing big Pharma to create Covid fighting inoculations at warp speed. 

To date, Biden has done the reverse.  He has shut down the Keystone Pipeline, thereby eliminating America’s energy independence.  He has attempted to blow up Jerusalem’s Jewish identity by introducing a Palestinian presence in our Jerusalem premises.  Biden’s open border policy has created a virtual invasion of our national sovereignty.

With Biden’s approval rating at a dismal 38%, and the stomach-lurching knowledge that things will get worse, the security of our voting processes gains heightened import. 

Elections have consequences.  Stolen elections have dire consequences.  Regardless of Trump’s ultimate findings, nothing will overturn the disastrous outcome. But the fight is worth fighting -- to ultimately ensure oversight and hoped for deterrence.  

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