What is it about healthcare workers refusing the vaccine that the administration fails to grasp?

Thanks to Joe Biden’s absurd push for vaccine mandates, workers throughout the nation are being fired --  as in not allowed to come to work!  These are the people who for over a year and a half have been caring for, treating thousands of Covid patients.  They were and are heroes as are all our first responders until they chose not to submit to the emergency authorized experimental vaccine.  

Now they are enemies of the state!  What does this tell us?  For over a year and a half, these selfless doctors and nurses have been on the frontlines of the pandemic and now they are being fired, deprived of work, unemployment insurance, even their pensions if they remain true to themselves and what their experience has taught them.  

If there is any group of people who know about Covid, it is these healthcare workers in hospitals, ERs, and ICUs. So, what explains their vaccine hesitancy, their resistance to being vaxxed with an untested gene therapy jab that has so far had hundreds of thousands of adverse consequences, disabilities, and deaths?  How dare these people reject the directives of Fauci and his NIAID, the CDC, NHS, the WHO?  

Like every institution on the planet, those agencies may have been founded to serve humanity, but they survive to prevail, not to accomplish whatever virtuous goal birthed them.   

The mainstream media and the administration are equally corrupt, hopelessly politicized.  The Covid pandemic farce has brought out the worst in the left; they embraced it, and possibly orchestrated it, as their chance to implement their Marxist vision for America.  Covid would be their means of destroying America as founded.  

Covid would be their mechanism of domination.  The left is nothing if not diabolical.  Fauci and his partners in crime had long been plotting a pandemic during which they could test their mRNA vaccines and find a disruptive but exciting reason to vax everyone.   In 2017 Fauci virtually promised there would be a pandemic during Trump’s term of office!  Bill Gates too has for years longed for a reason to vax everyone the world over.  

Most of us were ignorant of these sociopaths dying to experiment on human beings, soulless scientists working to make existing viruses more lethal, the more lethal the better.  Gates has been clear about his goal, reducing population.  What was/is Fauci’s motivation?  Fame and fortune?  A will to control people?  Who knows?  The man is a cipher, a dangerous one.  According to VAERS, there have been 1,600,218 adverse events from the vaccines.  The vax for the 1976 Swine Flu was banned after just a few deaths.  VAERS currently reports that there have been at least 16,000 vaccine-caused deaths from the covid jabs. 

Whoever is scripting Biden’s pathetic speeches seems to think that firing thousands of healthcare workers throughout the nation is somehow going to bring an end to the virus.  They are slow learners.  Lockdowns and masks have not prevented the transmission of covid, not one bit.  The vaccines have clearly aided the virus’s mutations, their durability is being downgraded by the week; Pfizer antibodies now last just two months.  

Firing our most essential workers, along with law enforcement personnel and truckers is going to be even more catastrophic than what we’ve experienced the last year and a half.  Biden’s ill-advised policies have already created massive inflation.  What will happen when our hospitals are severely understaffed, when there are even fewer police on the job, not enough pilots to fly for the airlines and the shelves in our grocery stores are empty because there are too few truckers to bring stock and supplies?  

Will Biden claim credit for the high percentage of vaccinated people then as he did this past week?  Biden: “When you see headlines and reports of mass firings, and hundreds of people losing their jobs, look at the bigger story…United went from 59% of their employees [vaccinated] to 99%.”  As Jack Posobeic noted, Biden is indeed that stupid

As the American people, even those who voted for the incapacitated Biden, become aware of just how destructive to their way of life this administration is, most Americans are going to realize that those healthcare workers, those doctors and nurses, and their support staff, are far more necessary than any politician.  Those politicians and the media do not have our best interests at heart.  When there are not enough doctors and nurses to staff their local ER or to admit a seriously ill family member, they will realize how willfully malicious this administration is they will rebel.  

It is a safe bet that millions of Biden voters are quietly wishing Donald Trump were still in the White House about now.  We were energy independent, the border was secure, there was little inflation, and he revered law enforcement, our military, and our doctors and nurses.  Those thirteen soldiers senselessly killed in Afghanistan would still be alive and Bagram would still be in American hands.  And as a man who believes in our constitutionally guaranteed individual freedoms, Trump would never have instituted vaccine mandates

With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power.” 
― Henry Wallace 

Image: Pixabay

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